What's The Glory Conway Story?


I quite like The Conway Story. Which is interesting because they are not what I usually go for musically. In fact, they sound a bit like Athlete, who I start off disliking every time I hear them for their "slowly-does-it" approach, but am soon won over by their big melodic arrangements and glorious harmonies, sneakily submitting to the Q103 listener within. And the title track to this quartet's latest release through Kooba Cuts is a nice slice of said anthemic sweetness, proclaiming that they are certainly as good as any of the other similar sounding bands around- not what I would call mindblowing but totally unoffensive and therefore very much sing-a-long and fairly pleasing, apart from the irritating and lazy fade out at the end and the boring B-side (I don't like any man who is hopeless with his hands, as the singer proclaims, and this is no exception). Come to think of it, I would be much more convinced by The Conway Story if I heard something from them that is not next in the long line of ballad-like tunes. I know that they have supported The Paddingtons so they must have some rock songs. Because I really don't want to dismiss them as another one trick pony. I think they have more potential than that.

THE SHIVERS- The Shivers

The singer of this band used to be something of a punk so this CD is quite a change in direction then. The lo-fi production may still be there but it is more Beck circa "Mutations" than "Never mind the b*ll"cks", swapping the mohicans and heavy guitar for mellow acoustic melodies and lazy vocals, what sounds like at times to be nothing more than a chilled-out jamming session totally capturing the raw spirit of a sing-song. And it is this lack of perfection that, for me, makes this so wonderfully listenable. From the kooky harmonies of "Circles" and the cheeky "Sleepy bye bye" to the track which everyone can relate to, "Bored hangin' aroun'", contemplating the time when they will be made millionaires, and prompting the question of why musicians this cool aren't. Sometimes wistful, sometimes cynical, but more often than not with an endearing humour and charisma that should make them go far, The Shivers are definitely as deserving of cult status as fellow alt-country bumpkins, The Broken Family Band. In fact, if you've got a thigh, slap it. You've got two? Even better.

Anna C