OF MONTREAL- The Sunlandic Twins

This is Of Montreal's seventh album, released through the wonderful Track and Field, so, for God's sake, if you haven't bought something by them by now, go out and do so right away. Because they are fabulous, that's why. Essentially sunny electro joy, but much better, think cute and hopelessly sixties harmonies brought straight into the 21st century with a definite disco bump on the hips. The twanging guitar of The Kinks back the vocalist from Marcy Playground doing the occasional impression of Belle and Sebastian but with the biggest and shiniest glitterball all their own livening up proceedings, as track after track of short but sweet pop perfection have you kicking your legs in the air and dancing like a twat.

They obviously don't care about things like this in Montreal. Yes, it sure must be a lot of fun there. And it is bands like this that make me deliriously happy. Because simple songs, which would have been part of the Teen-C revolution about ten years, hold so much infectious energy and groovy bass-lines you just have to celebrate it, whether you be a cool kid or the aforementioned dancing twat. For this reason, they call a record like this an electro-opera. I say it is plainly must-have material. From the kooky "Forecasted Fascist Future" and "The Party's Crashing Us" to the delicate sadness of "I was a landscape in your dream" and stripped down bliss of "Reprobate Immortals", it is official. Of Montreal should take over the world. And bring back Bis while you're at it.

Anna C.