Miss Black America - Terminal

THE saga of this band would take pages to explain, but put simply, they are a band from Bury St Edmunds who got tantalisingly close to hitting the big time but then spectacularly imploded.

This was three years ago, but in that time the band has regrouped, toured relentlessly and saved up enough cash to record the follow-up to God Bless Miss Black America- an album which shifted 10,000 copies despite having a non-existent advertising campaign.

The results aren't intended to fit into any "scene", it's a mash-up of shoegazing indie, punk and even some hair metal guitar solos.

Frontman Seymour Glass still has a bone to pick with just about everything, but spouts his anger with a much more varied vocal attack.

Overall, it's stronger than their debut and it comes with plenty of surprises. Copies are £5 through www.repeatfanzine.co.uk DW

David Williams, Cambridge Evening News

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