There's No Escape My Pretties
Joey Eyebank Ramone finds there's no escape from the tottering review tower...

Baby with open mouth!

Open mouth: Castle keep
I was a massive fan of Miss Black America and the thought of them having a brake and Seymour having a solo e.p frustrated me.
But this is a truly beautiful piece of work.
This music reminds me of the sea as a ship moors on the harbour, with the distinct guitar sound that was featured on some of the quieter MBA songs such as "Emotional Junkmail" or "Reborn".
If those were the parts you enjoyed of MBA then I suggest you buy this even if those weren't the parts you enjoyed give it a try it will blow you away!

(This is out soon on R*E*P*E*A*T but Joey didn't know this when he wrote the review - Honest Ed)

Recoup: Remind you
This band definitely made and effort to attract my attention as their c.d was in a crisp packet and written at the bottom of the crisp packet were the words Reduce Reuse Recycle ReCoup.
Despite this being rather interesting (hmmm - Ed) the band turned out to be crap, just an electro mix of Snow patrol and Keane with some Depeche mode flunged in. Okay I suppose if you like that kinda stuff than it's fine but not to my liking.
The first track sounds like something out of Keane's new album with vocals sounding like a dozed 80's electro singer that failed to make it big on trashy shows like x-factor where as the second track is just like a Duran Duran song with Depeche mode doing the backing.
You decide!

My Little Red Door: Rough Demos
You have to hand it to Little Red Door; they may have not used the best recording equipment or the best in amps either (Beringher yuk), but they're only a bunch of teenagers using home recording on a tape recorder to set out to make glorious music. And that is far better than the best of silence! Their sound is like Indie with a kind of Brit pop feel to it. The rhythm section has a very strong pulse to it and keeps the music to a steady beat, the guitars, although tending to go out of time in some bits and just go off on one pentatonic scale ride, fit well with the music in most areas .

I can see a future for this band, but they need to polish their music and recording techniques up a bit and then they'll have the sound foundations to get them going.

And remember
Rule # 1 - don't send in stuff for review that doesn't do you any justice!

Twilight Sisters: A Stitch in Time
Featuring Ex Screaming Trees frontman Mark Lanegan and Joseph Arthur, the Twilight Sisters mixes the psychedelic elements of the Screaming Trees and the distorted slow features of Joseph Arthur to make a wonderful collaboration of eclectic music with its own originality. This is not just a side project, they are truly their own band.

Saints of Eden: Shameless
If you were to describe this strange band I'd say a peculiar mix of 80s 90s era music such as pet shop boys and Duran Duran with an electro element and a rapper spitting words on top of it. Weird I know but I found myself strangely liking it! Very experimental and each song sounds completely different as if its compilation of different bands on a c.d. Overall I wouldn't choose to buy it if it was realised in the shops but I think it's a very interesting sound and would definitely, probably be big on the electro/techno scene.

IV Thieves: If We Can't Escape My Pretty
If Badly drawn boy had carried on, then he music would have ended up sounding something like this. A beautiful indie fusion with melodic catchy tunes and a signature tone to all the songs. Sounds great doesn't it?
Or does it? The simple predictable tunes get boring after a while and my mind starts to float into other things, and I begin to hum elevator music in my head.
I suppose this band are good in small doses, but after a while it begins to sound like one tedious and very long song.

Joey Eyebank Ramone