Violence and Repetition
Reviews by Chris Chinchilla

Rosie Kemp - Violence
This is one of the best singles I've heard all year, from the quiet, delicate passages to the ear splittingly overdriven choruses of 'Violence', to the heartfelt orchestra backed 'Morning Music' and the beautiful harmonies on 'Tiny Flower', an amazing single that shows the brilliant diverse talent of a promising artist.

Winterkids - Tape it
Sorry, this is horrible, bloody disco beats all over the place for no real reason, stupid inane lyrics about taping a TV program and irritating Xylophone plastered over the top of some horrendously recorded tinny guitars… It's not a bad song, it has a catchy chorus, I'd just like to take the band, rearrange the song, strip it down and rerecord the whole thing to make the hooks audible and less grating.

Bass Clef - A smile is a curve that straightens most things
With a name like Bass Clef, it was never going to be Fay Indie rock was it? Marvellous dark dub with fat (phat?) synth bass lines, frantic beats and eerie vocal snippets, each track melding into the next in an hour long slab of inventive dance music, a little repetitive in places, but hey, that's the point.

Chris Chinchilla