The Vichy Government -
Elvis and The Beatles/Luke Haines is Dead

Should the spirit move you, you can get this double A-side download single for absolutely no money through And if your spirit levels are at all adequate (a stiff double should be satisfactory), then move you they should, as the lack of financial damage means you really have no excuse to act otherwise.

If you've been paying attention to this fair publication's past epistles on the subject, you'll already know the basic outline: politely venomous vocals declaimed over a cheap keyboard and a battered drum machine. So let's cut straight to the specifics, which in this case mainly involve the tearing down of idols. Elvis and the Beatles is a compare and contrast number, switching between ponderous and mocking as it holds forth on the utter irrelevance of pop culture deities to those whose lives they're meant to enlighten. It also has a nice line in shock tactics, whose impact I won't spoil by clarifying here. Luke Haines is Dead, on the other hand, is about a very relevant hero who nonetheless gets the Oedipus treatment "as a mark of respect". The cutting back and forth between pop culture reference, stalkerish homicide plots and fairy tale/nursery rhyme lyrics is set to a tune which contains the kind of suspense and dark intent which it really shouldn't be possible to coax from such skeletal resources.

The Vichy's very individual take on hero worship embodies enough humour, explicit intelligence and gratuitous spite for several bands - and the fact that there's a current lack of bands who strive for those qualities makes TVG's excesses all the more necessary. Go pound the download hound at


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