Open Mouth / Dexy
Genre: Alternative / Acoustic / Rock
From: Bury St Edmunds/London

Now minus his Midnight Runners (ok not the best joke but it's getting late and it's as good as your gonna get), Dexy, who looks like the missing link between Matt Bellamy (Muse) and Alex Turner (Arctic Monkeys again!!), has been peddling his brand of twisted alt-pop songs for just over a year and he's just about to release his debut single 'Waiting For An Accident/Asleep In Your Attic' Angry Liberal Records. It is available on a strictly ltd edition 7" vinyl but the digitally minded amongst you should fret not as inside the record is a little message which reveals how those who've bought the vinyl can get it on mp3 as well. On the other side of the single you can find 2 tracks 'Castle Keep' and '327' by labelmate, and Aztec Camera/Roddy Frame soundalike, Open Mouth . All this for only three of your English poundage. For those of you who aren't currencially literate that amounts to little short of a bargain. If you are suitably intrigued and have £3 to spare then you can place an order at R*E*P*E*A*T .

from The Devil Has The Best Tuna