Myths of the Near Future
Joey EYEbank reviews some contenders…

Klaxons- Myths of the Near Future
The new age of Indie music combining today's technology is here.

Klaxons have been named "new rave" or "indie disco" but those aren't exactly proper genres are they? They're just tags and hypes surrounding the band and their ilk, but people seem to think they can pigeonhole them into a genre.

This album is both magical and hypnotising and you can't help but dance along, all the songs seem to take you into a bizarre fantasy land where possibilities are endless, or is that just the effect it has on me? The album is full of good tunes; wheteher it's the radio-friendly "Golden Skans" or even the mystic "Magik", there's not one wasted minute of musical genius.

If this is the music of the future than I can't wait!

The Shivers- Miss Jane
The cool mandolin and banjo start to the first track is quite interesting, but then the song explodes (in fact it of more pops) into this weird beat-pop, country, line-dancing showdown tune with a weird poppy melody to it. This single reminds me of the theme music that Jack White did for the Cold Mountain sound track, except that The Shivers are English. I suppose it's quite fun, but its not my kind(or Repeat's) kind of music.

Electroconductor- About Time
This song starts off with a daunting orchestral sound which leads off into a synth powered tune to give the impression of a dark atmosphere. Opening with a sombre piano, tingeing the song with a rather romantic, gloomy melody, this music makes you think about matters and things beyond your imagination and leading you to drift off.
A very impressive and surprising album, sounding something like Moby or Apex Twin with relaxing lounge music groove to it.

Saxon- If I Was You
A very eighties sounding glam metal band, reminiscent of a heavier Bon Jovi with the same clichéd poppy sing-along, power ballad type chorus. It is catchy though - I can just imagine all the fans air-guitaring to it at their world air guitar attempt at Hillsborough the other week (read about this here and watch here, and by the end I do find myself singing along to it myself. However the band themselves aren't exactly that good, they were better when they were in their prime in the eighties, for now they just sound like annoying has beens trying to go back to the good old days when music like this was popular.

Popup-Chinese Burn/Stagecoach
I can tell Popup will be one of those bands that have a massive hype around them when they're nothing that great. If Artic Monkeys were Scottish then you'd get Popup, so it's just more Libertines rip-off melodies with a slightly sharper side to them. It's like a fusion between the Pretenders and Artic Monkeys, and gets annoying and repetitive as yet more of their songs go by.

Forward Russia- Don't be a Doctor
Yay! Forward Russia has finally decided to name their songs with proper titles instead of naming each song by a number. Their music is still bullshit though! Calling it "experimental, indie" is just a cop out! It's not experimental, that's just their excuse for being shite; "But oh" they cry "we play random noises from instruments with a singer that repeats dribbled words into a mic therefore we're experimental!" Experimental is defined by experimenting with different sounds and seeing if it fits to create a "new sound", Forward Russia just play whatever they feel like with any timing and key to make what I call "musical constipation".
Don't buy this unless you're mad!


Yes Boss- See It Through
This is like Plan B mixed with The Streets [sounds great to me - bangin Ed]and that's it. There's no originality or inspiration to it it's just an English middle class boy rapping over repetitive dance music.

Kaiser Chiefs- Ruby
The sharp electronic sounding guitar at the start launches this track into a powerful and catchy song with a future esq. sound. I've never been a fan of the Kaiser Chiefs before as I found them to lack any originality, depth or strength in their music, but if this is what the new album's going to sound like then I'm definitely having it (*cough* Rosey get me a copy*cough*). And I recommend you get one too.


The Mighty Roars- Swine and Cockerel

A distorted mix of bands like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Be Your Own Pet with an extra punch. I can see them being a brilliant proposition live, and in my opinion bands like these are the new punk wave, not arrogant egotistic arseholes like Towers of London. Pure amazing rock'n'roll, this is what the charts should contain.


Type o Negative- Dead Again
"Gothic doom metallers" - what the hell is that supposed to mean? Is that a type of genre or something?
But when you listen to it, it just sounds like The Misfits reincarnated. Dark , gothic, punk music like the Ramones with beards playing their three chords in a minor key. And they're better musicians. A very strange and refreshing surprise!

The Maccabees- About Your Dress
When are bands that are just complete Libertines rip offs going to stop! There's no originality here; this just goes to rebuff those people who say "What have the Libertines done? They're only famous because Pete Doherty is a complete waster" The Libertines have done a lot actually; not only did they create soulful, melodic and catchy tunes but they also inspired loads of bands to make music - even if those bands are just complete rip-offs! Anyway back to the review.
Like The Libertines, there are two singers on this song, it goes quite well together but it gets tedious and repetitive by the end. Can anyone tell me why there is such a big hype about them?

The Hours- Narcissus Road
An interesting musical fusion of Bloc party and Coldplay with a brilliant result!
Although they combine influences from such very common bands, they're not at all tedious or unoriginal. If you don't buy this album take a trip to Narcissus Road itself in Camden.

Bowling for Soup- The Great Burrito Extortion Case

One of the things I like about Bowling for Soup is that while they may not be punk, as they claim themselves to be, but they sure don't take themselves too seriously and they manage to make funny songs with catchy sing-along choruses. They have also stayed a pop-punk band and have not been caught up in the scene and tried to re-invent themselves as "emo". This album is proof to that; it's still got the same Bowling for Soup themes with songs about ex-girlfriends and taking the piss out of current matters and actors.

The album starts off with the catchy and danceable "Epiphany" then going into the generic and catchy first single "High school Never Ends". As the album goes on it doesn't loose its fun, its bounce or its quality. There's even a song called "I'm Gay" and a piss take track about "Val Kilmer" claiming that he's a failure and running out of ideas for movies.

If you see the lighter side of life and fun in a world full of shit, war and poverty, then I suggest you take a listen to Bowling for Soup, and even if you don't like pop-punk perhaps you'll be pleasantly surprised. Like me.

Joey Eyebank Ramone

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