The Dresden Dolls
The Junction, Cambridge

The Dresden Dolls are one of those bands that have an air of mystery about them, they seem like the oddballs of music, but put them on a stage and they portray this image into something wonderful and completely breath-taking.

Tonight seems less like a gig but more of a carnival, The Dresden Dolls have brought with them an aerialist, a street band whose instruments include plastic tubs, trash cans, and buckets, and a very strange dance combo who spend more time spewing out black liquid than they do dancing.
But, even though it all sounds a bit ridiculous on paper, it makes tonights gig so much more of an occasion.

When The Dresden Dolls finally hit the stage they are on top form. I still cannot figure out just HOW a piano and drums can smack all of your teeth out with just pure power. Of course, the Dresden Dolls are much more than just power, with some mellow songs matching those which rely on the pure punk-rock brutality. They open with the magnificent 'Sex Changes' which proceeds in knocking seven shades of shit out of The Junction, and makes all of the previous events seem a tad bit dull. They them tear through a great set that matches old favourites like 'Coin-operated Boy' and 'Girl Anachronism' with new favourites including 'Backstabber'.

The best thing about tonights gig though is the frankly intriguing chemistry been the two bandmates. Drummer Brian Vigilone looks as if he shouldn't even be allowed here tonight, with frantic movements often making you think twice about looking him in the eye, whereas Amanda Palmer simply oozes charisma and even though she is seated behind her keyboard all set she just seems to be able to control the crowd with such ease.

After this gig it all seems a bit unfair that this band will never get the mainstream attention they so rightly deserve because they dare to be different, even though this may not overally bother them its such a shame that some people will never get to hear and witness this band because they are not so easily available to the public.

Tonight will stay with the people that attended for a long time.

Joe Savins

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