Beat Union

Norwich UEA
January 27th

The Beat Union come onstage to a mild applause, they look the part, and they have a frontman more the capable of whipping up a some-what muted UEA crowd. You see there's nothing wrong with the Beat Union, they deliver their songs with power, they are a extremely well-rehearsed band, but you can't help but get that nagging feeling that you've been listening to the same song for 40 minutes. A decent start in all.

Taking Back Sunday are excellent tonight, they open with the fantastic 'A decade under the influence' with which they bring the UEA to the floor. This is how a band are supposed to look, with frontman Adam Lazzara throwing himself positions that could stun a gymnast into silence. Old favourites 'Cute without the E' and 'Bike Scene' are including in the set and go down a storm, along with songs off of 'Where you want to be' and brand spanking new songs from forthcoming album 'Louder Now'.

Taking Back Sunday seem to be writing good songs constantly with all 3 albums merging together and none of the songs sounding out of place or weaker than the others. The set seems to fly by, when Adam announces the last song 'This photograph is proof' there are a lot of confused faces until you realise you've actually been watching this for a good hour or so.
Obviously there is an encore, with 'You know how I do' and a genius 'One-eighty by summer' doing the honours. Leaving the venue there is not one disappointed face, everyone is gleaming and singing. This show has told me and them that in a world drowned with Green Day and Blink 182, we must not forget Taking Back Sunday, because on the strength of tonight's performance there is no reason they can't reach such heights.

Joe Savins

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