Mark Ronson - Just

Seems as though Mark Ronson really wants to rattle some cages amongst the die-hard fanclubs - most spectacularly with his cover of the Smiths' Stop Me - leading to some very angry letters and even the odd death threat - and now he's gone and done it again with Radiohead's Just. It's up for debate whether the reaction will be quite as violent, but all the same this cover is sure to get a few Radiohead devotees' blood boiling. It's not necessarily a bad song - in fact the arrangement works surprisingly well - if you liked his cover of Oh My God with Lily Allen, then you wont go far wrong with this, its just more from the Mark Ronson big-band cover factory. As a cover, however, it has absolutely nothing on the original, the vocals are smooth and jazzy enough, but compared to Thom Yorke's androgynous, despairing wails it just doesn't cut the mustard. The reason why Stop Me worked so well was because it was so far removed from the original it could be seen as a whole different song, this however, leaves you with the nagging feeling that it's not the song it should be.



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