Shoot Me Down...
Anna C claims that she was only following orders.

BOY KILL BOY- Shoot me down

And may I present another quartet from London on the Vertigo label offering a grand plod through indie/pop. Or pap. To be fair, it was released for the charity "Warchild" which is rather heart-warming and pleasant enough. There's always a "but" though, isn't there? Oh sod it, here goes another New Year's resolution- pleasant is still not good enough. Wailing vocals, twinkly keyboards, blah, blah, blah... This really shouldn't be called "Shoot me down". It's asking for trouble. Spawned from deepest desperation, or so it is claimed, I might just go and make my own record then, right away, instead of listening to this. Having only heard this by Boy Kill Boy, I only hope that they have something pretty bloody impressive up their sleeves for a future release. Next!

This was released on 13th November, 2006 and, honestly, it was so dull, I forgot all about it, what with the Christmas festivities and all. I'm sure you can still get a copy in a bargain bin near you.

RICHARD ASHCROFT- Why not nothing?/ Sweet brother Malcolm

A legend to many people, Noel Gallagher just one of them (blah blah blah), Richard Ashcroft is possibly responsible for some of the best songs to come out of Britain in the last decade or so. And these two songs are what you might expect from the man these days. Take that how you will. Although not a shining example of said talent, this double A-side is certainly a grower; the stomping Primal Scream/ Stones feel of "Why not nothing?", all big horn sections and swaggering cool, contrasted by the slow and rather depressing acoustic offering "Sweet brother Malcolm" perhaps a reasonable taster of his latest album "Keys to the world". That said, I'm pretty certain I'll not be rushing to buy it. Although it appears to be selling quite cheaply, if you know what I'm saying. Dig deep, kiddywinks; I'm sure it's in there somewhere.

This was released 4th December, 2006. Huzzah.

Anna C