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Chris Chinchilla throws something cold and wet at some wannabe popstars

Larrikin Love, Kings College 6/6/6
Somewhere in the recent months of the live music explosion, Indie music seems to have separated into two camps, thoughtful, clever, rocking music and music to bounce around to. Larrikin Love fall squarely into the later category, the kids love them, bounding and shouting around like idiots to pretty much every song, the band can do no wrong with their odd Indie-Ska-Gipsy crossover. However hooks and structure seem hard to find in their songs, everything rumbles along in the same vein with no real clarity or memorable moments, great fun but not built to last.

At The Lake - Promo
Thanks to bands like The Editors and the Departure there seems to an ever increasing amount of bands making effects laden, sound-like-they're-playing-in-a-cave albums, full of big guitars and echoing vocals. So whilst At the Lake may not be particularly original they have a damn good go at the sound, with some excellent guitar riffs, great choruses and oodles of reverb of course!

Roland Shanks - Tarantula
Sorry Roland Shanks, you've been around a while, maybe you were one of the first to do it, but if I hear another disco-beat-rumbling-bass-line-shouty-singer band, I'm going to scream very loudly. Maybe Roland Shanks have got more interesting songs, in fact the B-side even hints at that fact, and I know you're a bunch of down to earth guys, but don't just jump on the band wagon to try and get into the singles chart, or (possibly) to be more precise, don't let your label push you onto the band wagon…

The Scare, The Buffalo Bar, 8/6/6
The Scare look out of it tonight, perhaps they would be a tighter band if they weren't off their heads, but they wouldn't be the Scare if they were sober. A big, loud, sometimes wonderful mess of heavy rock, new wave and egotistical posturing, riffs that fly around like there's no tomorrow and a seething mass of sweaty bodies. This is pure rock and roll, it may not always be pretty, but who ever said it should be.

Snowfight in the City Centre
Snowfight in the City Centre are yet another band who of late seem to be wearing the 'big sound' shoes. Slow burning anthemic numbers, lots of instruments, probably a string section if they could afford one. A little outdated and not to everyone's taste, but not too overindulgent, which is a good thing.

Chris Chinchilla

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