Motorhead – Kiss of Death

I find it hard to believe that Motorhead (who are now in their 60’s) can produce an album as good as this. 30 years into their careers and they manage to produce 12 killer tracks with catchy melodies and which will make your head bang faster than any new mainstream bollocks could ever do.

Yet there they are, three old men.

If they had made the decision that other ‘big’ bands had done when they grew older to tone down their music a bit and take a different musical direction, such as ‘mellow acoustic blues’ or ‘soulful country’ music then they would not be Motorhead.

They too would be mainstream bollocks.

The album starts with ‘Sucker’, a typical fast, heavy biker song that sounds as if it’s off ‘Bomber’ or ‘Ace of Spades’ with that raw Motorhead sound. Some of the other highlights on the album include ‘Trigger’, a heavy thrash metal type song with a dark, fast, dirty yet infectious chorus, and ‘God was Never on Your Side’ which starts with Lemmy on an acoustic guitar strumming some chords and showing his soft side with lyrics like ‘if the stars fall down on me, and the sun refuses to shine’, before moving into a heavy power ballad chorus, talking about how God isn’t going to answer your prayers and how He’s not on your side, and then topping it all off with an anthemic powerful solo.

Motorhead are a band that show no sign of growing old; instead they prove that they are still just a bunch of misfit youths that want to make a glorious noise, trapped inside the bodies of three 60 year olds.


Joey Eyebank Ramone