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Fall Out boy- Infinity on a high
After much enthusiasm and glee of their last single "This Ain't a Scene it's an Arms Race", I almost scared myself thinking that I had a secret guilty pleasure in a band I was made to hate. So I was relieved to find that there new album was just a pack of simple whiney tunes containing the usual middle of the road waffle that Fall Out boy were made to play, so instead of paying attention to my old mistakes and misjudgements of reviews thinking this band were more than that, pay attention to this one.

(Ed : um………..I tried to stick as close to your review as possible, just sharpening it up a bit, but this review I think should be redone completely! Instead of reviewing Fallout Boy's new album you've concentrated on stating the fact that you're sorry for saying they're good and that you were wrong in the past and that this album proves that there a terrible band; people want to know what to expect from this album and whether they're good in any way or not, not a life story of your musical interests!!!!!)

The Arcade Parade- Deferring Heartbreak / Changing Forever

As far as an indie band goes, this band sure break all the limits of the usual media-produced concoction of twangy blabbering we seem to find in so many bands nowadays. They also have talent and good rhythmic songs with an extra special something. They also want a gig and sure, after listening to this, I would definitely like to see them play.
And hopefully so would you.
9/10 (originally was given ten but due to the lack of descriptive nouns and creativeness put into it, ten seems a bit too much)

Potential Threat- SF

A great moshworthy metal thumping sound, crossed off with colossal beats and an overall brilliant sound. Sounds a lot like many Thrash core metal bands around now such as Sanctity and Trivium, and are sure to make it far.

OO.OM- Dead analogue
I despise bands that try to show of with fiddle cases (Ed : well I disagree; having a solo adds an extra melody and a catch line to the song; unless it's merely running up and down scales, it's like a separate vocal line with much more texture and effect to it, and can be truly electrifying when done well and at the right time. Ideally it can be like a separate voice calling without words - unless you're Eric Clapton or Kerry King it is not merely used to show off). It doesn't matter, it's the music that does (Ed : a guitar solo is part of the music, dimwit!) And this band has shite music.

This band were so amazing, their dexterity and sound was truly gut busting without one single note out of place.

Except that it wouldn't play. There's no point in sending a c.d if it won't play! (Ed : maybe it was just your cd player!)

Rule 1: Never send in music that doesn't do you any justice!

Rule 2 : If you've got nothing to say, don't say it!

10/10 for Dumbasses

Ash B Ramone, edited mercilessly by Joey Eyebank Ramone

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