My Chemical Romance:
Something Incredible This Way Comes

by Paul Stenning
(Independent Music Press)


This is the first book to tell the tale of a band who are much more influential than many of the indie in crowd would have you believe, and author Paul Sterling tells it with excitement and passion. 'Something Incredible This Way Comes' is an entertaining, informative read, told by someone who comes across as a true fan who manages to convey his enthusiasm to his readers. Obviously lots of research has gone into the book, with some great quotes from Gerrard Way in which he gives tips on dealing positively with the themes of fighting loneliness and depression. However there are no original interviews, all the quotes being taken from websites and magazines, and you get the feeling that the band has not really been going long enough to fill a whole book, as the author goes off the subject at times and the story is slow to get going.

Despite these failings, this is a good, enjoyable introduction to an important band.

8 / 10

Ash B Ramone