Fighting The Power
Ash B Ramone struggles with some mainstream nonsense

Fight the Power - Compilation

Not my thing to be honest, it's well rap, and not even the good kind like Goldie lookin Chain or the political rap of Public Enemy or the angry metal rap of Rage Against the Machine. I mean, who in their right mind wants to listen to men in their 30's banging on about bitches? Not me, that's for sure!!- 0/10


Fallout Boy - This ain't a scene it's an arms race

Well well well the good ol enemy return, my favourite thing to slaughter, the punchline of my jokes. I'm gonna try and describe it without offending their shallow lil minds. The chorus sounds like something out of a jazz song, and is the same as all of Fallout Boy's music, middle of the road waffle. I just can't see why people like Fallout Boy, they're like the superman films boring and pointless. -2/10


Boring and pointless?


Bowling for Soup - High School Never Ends

Lets face it this is nearly the perfect pop-punk song. It's got the theme of high school and being excluded for being who you are. I'm not gonna go into that because I'll just rant on and on and bore you. So take a listen to this instead.- 10/10


The Destroyed - Russian Roulette

This is pretty good. Great music to the guitar, bass and drum side of things. But the voice doesn't fit, it's muffled and unable to be heard. - 6/10

Tetrafever - Untitled demo

This is a tuneful, happy, easy listening indie band BUT . It also has twiddly riffs, great lyrics, fierce drumming and rhythm fuelled bass. Their 5 track ep is "Mindout!" is out now. Keep up the good work. - 9/10

The Smears(uk)

This is great too. Tuneful riffs, great vocals, great, thumping bass. This is like a modern, more punk, less mainstream version of Blondie dancin with The Distillers. Their single is out now. Buy it.


By Ash B Ramone