Open Mouth, Dexy
Castle Keep/Waiting for An Accident

(REPEAT/Angry Liberal)

This split single is out on February 26th courtesy of Angry Liberal Records. Open Mouth is the nom-de-guerre of a solo artist named Seymour who used to be in a band called Miss Black America. “Castle Keep” is an unremarkable, dreary, bland slice of indulgent acoustic tripe, irredeemably pointless and critically indefensible. Song two is “327”, an instrumental acoustic track which does/says/conveys/inspires nothing. The listener is moved only to indifference and bewilderment. Presumably the artist went to some trouble to record these tracks. Why he bothered is a mystery - perhaps he is deranged or slightly ill.

Songs 3 and 4 are by another singer-songwriter who calls himself Dexy (perhaps because his real name is something like Cecil and not very New York, but I speculate). His press release informs us that Artrocker magazine describes his music as “Quite simply beautiful”. Buy that man/woman a thesaurus. And it is, if by “beautiful” you mean “shit”, that is. It’s an improvement on Open Mouth, in that there is some effort at melody, but not by much. There is, sadly, a market for this kind of music - it is composed of the empty shells of people who have had the life completely beaten out of them by work/stress/relationships/impotence and it is huge. So the publication of this vapid garbage probably makes some sort of commercial sense and cannot simply be dismissed as an act of vanity or worrying lunacy. Even by the poor standards of David Gray-esque blandness, however, this really isn’t’ good enough.

By Eddie Manwaring,

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