Welcome to the Black Parade

Joey Eyebank Ramone returns from a near death experience to dice with some dodgy CDs. Welcome back Joey, we missed you…

My Chemical Romance: Welcome to the Black Parade

"Three cheers for Revenge" in my opinion was one of the crappiest albums of 2004-2005 and I loathed every clichéd poppy hook and flick which MCR called 'punk'. It dawned upon the music business that this was fast becoming "the next big thing" and all music became labelled punk just for wearing a piece of fashionable clothing to fit a style named "emo" - this isn't how it was meant to be!

All I expected from this album was some more pretentious doings of Gerard Way and co.

Man was I wrong!!!!!!

'Welcome to the Black Parade' is a truly magnificent piece of work and it breaks all the neat boundaries that MCR had before! It starts with the dark sombre "The End" which sounds like a song Pink Floyd could have produced, then leads into the upbeat bouncy tune "Dead". Ray Toro's guitar playing is excellent, reminiscent of the days of Brian May and Slash and making a welcome change from their old harmonised boring tunes! The strongest tracks on the album are "Mamma" which is a Russian polka song with a rock ballad chorus about a boy writing a letter to his Mum before she dies, featuring guest vocals from Lisa Minnelli as the mum. "The sharpest lives" sounding similar to a him song at the start but then exploding into a mega rock chorus, "Welcome to the Black Parade", the epic title track that basically describes what the album is all about. Get this album! It will surprise you!!!!


The Gossip: Standing in the Way of Control

Beginning with a pumping bass track before the vocals come in sounding like a black American gospel singer with a very funky feel, this track is let down by its chorus. Expecting it to follow on in a manner of the verse, I was disappointed that it suddenly goes all staccato and edgy with no particular catchiness or melodic power about it, instead just sounding like a bumpy bus ride to nowhere! In fact the dance mix of the song on track 2 is much better as it flows and has the feel that you'd expect. So if you bother to buy this single, do so for the dance/club mix!!!

Gingantour: Live 2 c.d set

The bands include: Megadeth, Anthrax, Dream-theater, Fear Factory, Life of Agony, Nevermore, Dry Kill Logic, Symphony X and Bobaflex.
This tour takes place over six weeks all across America and the range of bands is quite exciting - metal bands and not just self-indulgent brain dead noodlers with - and they know how to put on a good show! However this energy is lacking on the CD and you might as well just by the albums of the bands because the energy and velocity of the performance is not shown on this 2 disc set. The tour is arranged by Dave Mustaine from Megadeth and all the bands are chosen by him. I recommend you either go see the bands live or buy their individual albums because this isn't worth your money.


The Rapture: Pieces of People we Love

This band mix Indie bands such as Bloc Party with dance acts such as Chemical Crothers and this eclectic mix works rather well - in fact its brilliant! Although the album lacks the amount of energy of their first album "Echoes", it's still a brilliant c.d to listen to when your in a happy mood or on a dance floor. I recommend the c.d but buy their first album for the Rapture at their best stage.

Skid Row: Revolutions per Minute

This 80's rock/metal band have released a new album and somehow it doesn't feel like they have recorded it because they like making music, it just seems like a cop-out cut'n'paste of their other albums because they felt old and probably wanted to get back on their label! But then again a cut'n' paste cop-out of their other albums ain't too bad, seeing as their other albums rock, but if you want to hear what they sound like in their glory when they where young and free then get "Slave to Grind".
It has a true rock edge to it!


The Electric Cinema: Heat Exchange

This band is like a very cinematic (ha ha) Brit pop group that manage to produce very atmospheric music with deep meaning and soulful vocals. It's like the missing link between Snow Patrol and Starsailor with an extra touch.

Thoroughly recommended!



After 4: 4 Play
Ater 4 return sounding like an old 80s band, reminiscent of the days of Thunder and Skid Row, with an added more poppier side and catchier choruses!

This CD also shows Phil Haines to be a truly magnificent guitarist as the songs really showcase his skills; whereas on their earlier recordings, despite their quality, they still had a bit of a teenagery feel about them as if they had just started out and almost by chance recorded a good e.p, this time they've returned with a better thought out collection of songs and the vibe that they've suddenly matured music wise. Ones to watch.