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Towers of London - Blood Sweat and Towers (

An immensely brilliant stupid title for an immensely brilliant stupid album.

From the enormous opening riff swiped out on electric guitar on lead track "I'm A Rat", this album is obviously wants to take no prisoners. The guitars are brutal, the vocals shouty and catchy as hell and the whole experience as stylish as being mauled by Pete of Big Brother fame.

Any fears you might have had that the pace would decrease are soon burst as the album launches into 21s century true punk classics including the singles "Air Guitar", "On A Noose" and "Fuck It Up"; the acoustic bluegrass version of the latter, performed, I imagine, with mandolins and 12 string guitars by the band dressed in floppy hats with straws coming out of their country bumpkin mouths, proves that the doubters are wrong. Whatever they may say, The Towers of London are not without talent or songs.

Or a sense of humour.

This band could have stepped out of the 1970s, a ten ton blast of aural dynamite aimed at a scene grown too comfortable and cosy in its emo-indie nothingness.

Towers of London are totally different from everything else around today. Consequently they will fail to get the exposure they deserve. Buy this album and I'll guarantee that you'll get something out of these catchy, monstrous tunes.

You'll also help kill the pop scene.

10 / 10

Fall Out Boy : Dance Dance (

This is a mix match of crappy playground rhymes glued together with poppy melodies and a lead singer trying to sound like Justin Hawkins (in the chorus) but ending up reminding me more of a 7 year old auditioning for the part of Mary in the infant school Christmas production.

The song reminds me of nothing more than one of Britney Spears'.

-8 / 10

Dirty Pretty Things : Waterloo to Anywhere

Built up from the less messed-up remnants of The Libertines, Dirty Pretty Things have just released this their debut album, and I'm lovin it. As, I'm sure, is everyone else.

To me, they sound like an indie band that has just ordered some smokey bacon crisps in a Southern bar, served by a blues guitarist on minimum wage. 'Deadwood' has to be one of the highlights, with the assault of its all-out killer chorus.

'Gin and Milk' is the 'What A Waster' of the album, while 'Bang Bang You're Dead' is the 'You've Heard It, You Love It' type single of the album, with a big old filthy frenzied rock guitar makeover.

10 / 10

Joey Eyebank Ramone

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