Don't Dance Rattlesnake
Anna C snuggles up to Molly, The Reverse and The Films


Molloy are totally brilliant, this is true. They are so good they could start their own cult. Not club, cult. They are that worthy of your attention. A little fun-sized sliver of electro-pop genius, this five-piece combine simple guitar, synth and irrepressible amounts of energy to create the most outrageously catchy mantras that you will find impossible to get out of your head and will be doing the "kangaroo bop" (or something similar) in its entirety after hearing, oh, I don't know, the first five seconds? This girl-fronted five-piece, in this, their latest single released through Way Out Records, urge you to "lose a pound" and "get sexy" in the style of Le Tigre, CSS or Peaches if she wasn't so filthy and insisted on getting her crack out all the time. With a brave choice of orange and green as their favourite colours, here is finally a release with attitude, a release that will grab you by your dancing shoes and bounce you up and down until you wet yourself. Not that that would look very cool and would probably ruin said dancing shoes. Anyway, Molloy should take over the world. Only you can make that happen.

Released 2nd July, 2007


THE REVERSE- Shutterspeed EP

The Reverse cite Morrissey as an influence. The Reverse write songs about their best friend going to Canada and how they felt. Or something. The Reverse have a track called "On Fire" and I wish they were. Actually, that one was the best of a bad bunch; at least the pace picked up a bit. I'm sorry but I can't be enthusiastic about this at all. It takes a while to get going and it still doesn't quite get past the bland English indie/rock storytelling era which I have always pretty much despised. There is so many times I can say it: Snow Patrol and Athlete suck. Though, like those gone before, The Reverse can play their instruments, the monotone vocal makes me angry and, worse still, makes everything sound really dreary and passionless. In fact, The Reverse just killed music. Only kidding. Someone will think this beautiful and meaningful (their Mums?) but I'm afraid it's not me. Nothing more to add, your Honour.

Released 2nd July, 2007.


THE FILMS- Don't dance rattlesnake

This band sound a bit like Jet and The Strokes. But they have smaller noses. Well, smaller than Jet's anyway. One of them also looks like a farmer in their inlay card. But it doesn't matter. I'd still do all four of them based on what I hear here. Because this is sexy and swaggering rock. Maybe without meaning to be, because sometimes The Films also resemble an upbeat Supergrass and they were never sexy, let's face it. Nor are The Kooks, who would be another fair comparison if The Films had smaller testicles and sang like they needed braces fitted. But often greatly catchy and infectious.
Hailing from the US, The Films have made an album that could have been really crap if you go on the front cover. I thought it would be a death-metal act because there is a picture of a leather-clad woman holding a big snake. I was so pleased to discover that this is just a misguided design fault and what lies akimbo, also snubbing the pretentious cowboy-booted image on the way in, is something which can only best be summed by the word "romp". From the high-kicks striptease of a song called "Jealousy" to the honest and bluesy "Bodybag", all embracing the sound of heartbreak and malice without a hint of sentimentality, this kind of generally high-energy arrogance may have been heard before but nine out of ten cats say they would definitely want to hear it again. I also wanted to wave my newly orange hands in mock jazz style but I don't think it would go down too well. Remember kids; fake tan is bad for you. Invest your money in something less embarrassing. Like this record. A fabulous antidote to all the other shit you'll hear this summer.

Released 18th June, 2007.