Dead Identities?
Joe 90 takes a listen to some future has beens...

Temple - Lemon Tree
Temple start off this EP strongly, the opening to the first song is interesting enough to make you keep listening, as the song expands it grows into something quite spectacular, the chorus has those vital hooks, and the music is original enough to stop the quite basic song structure from growing boring. The remaining tracks show the same line of form, every song having the basic material needed to turn into anthems.

Forward Russia - Nineteen (single)
Nineteen is the latest offering from Forward Russia and it isn't going to set the world on fire, slow and tedious perhaps sum the song up best, the musicianship is there, but the talent is being wasted on singles like this, which do nothing but trudge along in an uninspiring fashion.

Dead Identities - Born In The UK
They're as punk as punk comes, the Dead Identities are everything that is stereotypically punk, but is that problem? Its hard to really listen to the Dead Identities and feel like shouting at your speakers to get some originality, and stop riding off the back of others success. That aside, they are a very very good punk band, the songs are made to be shouted, and you can almost imagine being back in the 70's when the whole thing exploded.

Pistols At Dawn - EP
Its very hard to review a CD with very little, or no substance, and that's the problem i'm having with Pistols At Dawn. The vocals are very poor, the technique the singer uses makes his voice sound very wobbly, which makes the vocals sound very forced, as if he is just managing to keep in key. To sum this EP up, remember when your favourite band made that rubbish 'mellow' album that you absolutely despised? Well you'll keep having flashbacks when you listen to Pistols At Dawn.

High Vinyl - demo
By far the most exciting offering of the day so far, as soon as the first track kicks in the songs come thick and fast, everyone boasting great choruses, powerful guitar riffs, and pummeling drums. Note all Indie/Rock bands: this is how it should be done.

Juicy Lucy - Do That And You'll Lost It.
First off, kudos to the band name, as soon as i saw it i knew not to expect much from this album, and i was right. The songs are very tired and worn out, they've all probably been written about 1000 times before, there isnt much in the way of musicianship, for example, the verses on 'silver bird' use one chord ALL the way through. They'll always be the novelty pub act, but nothing more.

Hungry Ghost - album
Good god, what possessed Hungry Ghost to put money into making this album? First off guys, get a new vocalist, find a good studio and record a good EP, instead of settling for a bad one just for the sake of making a full album, because it really hasn't paid off.

TD Lind - Come in from the cold
Country acoustic songs don't exactly make you want to stand up and move, or even pay much attention at all, but TD Lind has managed to make a pretty good demo here, with songs that don't get old after 2 or 3 listens, but instead reveal little details that you didnt notice before, overall a very good effort.

Thomas Tantrum - Armchair
This songs boasts by far the most insane, quirky intro i've ever heard, perhaps so odd that it's hard to distinguish whether this is brilliant or just rubbish. The song is very well structured, with enough stops, starts, and tempo changes to make the more convential musician break out into a nervous sweat, but its hard to shake the feeling that all this is only bidding to cover up the actual lack of musical talent. Thomas Tantrum are like marmite, you either.. you know the rest.

Dan Sartain - Flight Of The Finch
Its almost like these are the hidden tracks on the Pulp Fiction, Dan Sartain has produced two quality songs with style and substance. Clearly drawing influences from jazz, flamenco, rock, and blues means that there is at least one thing in these songs that can please everyone. The only downside to the songs is that they are very short, which means that there isn't really enough time for the songs to expand and grow into more complex pieces

Joe 90