The Boy's Back In Town

It may have been three months since we last heard from Ash B Ramone, but now he returns to murder a rhyme or two, one word at a time…

American Hardcore: the History of American Punk Rock

Containing tracks by Black Flag, The Circle Jerks, The Adolescents, Bad Brains and many, many more, this album tries to trace the history of American punk and hardcore. It contains feelings, expression, anger, depression and personal experience, all delievered with power and passion. Certainly worth a buy
if you like American punk/hardcore.


(Read a much more detailed review of this CD here )

Jane's Addiction- Up from the Catacombs

Several years on from Jane's Addiction's retirement, From the Catacombs contains 16 tracks taken from four albums. Why they're releasing it I'm not sure but oh well. Probably to show what the band who take the praise for introducing early 90s American Alt Rock to a mainstream audience actually sounded like. An interesting range of sounds used, but you can see why The Pixies and Nirvana are the bands from that era that most people actually care about.


Fuzzy Noise

Stop! Don't play any songs on this c.d. This is a solid gold crock of crap!


Shock Defeat - How did we Make it so Angry?

"The singer looks like Buddy Holly and the rest look like a bunch of hooligans They tear into their set like spastic super robots, all angles and strange time signatures... what is this genius?" How can I better that review. Take a listen for yourself. And then find out that this band have got it right, tuneful and twiddly.


Meekie Rosie - Nobody Gets Away

For God's sakes people, R*E*P*E*A*T is about rock n roll not choir boy anthems like this one. Its simply a crap c.d - not worth a mark, even if you do share a name (sort of) with our Editor.

OM records- Compilation

"This is a fat compilation, containing heaps of breaks and bass".

So why have they sent it to us then?

Not worth a review

Sandira- Hanging on the Wire

Is it me or are this band a bunch of wannabes? Here's the proof:

Blondie had a female singer
Blondie had a song called : Hanging on the Telephone
This song sounds exactly like Hanging on the Telephone.

The music's OK but it sounds like the lyrics were added at the last minute and were ripped off Parallel Lines. With an added ounce of rather dulled-down PJ Harvey for god measure.

So, what's the point?



When I heard this I was ecstatic, it made me feel good to hear the sound of Punk/ Rock n roll again. This band, alongside Towers of London and the rest of the punk bands these days, will bring good old punk rock back. Here's hoping!


Rattlesnake Remedy

Its official.

Good influences = good music.

Influenced by such rock n' roll legends as The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, Guns n' Roses, Pantera and Black Sabbath, with a more modern sound likened to Audioslave and Velvet Revolver, Rattlesnake Remedy are a hard rock band born through a passion for playing no frills live music.

Amazing sound and effort, good old rock'n'roll.


Ash B Ramone


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