Softcore Indie Porn?
Sheraz Qureshi reviews some singles

Hard Fi: Living for the Weekend

I don’t get it, why would a band like Hard Fi bother sending this in for a review?

I’m sure they're nice guys and everything, and this track sounds great in a ‘new Kasabian’ way – but the lyrics, the intent. The idea of taking everything you have and blowing it all on one binge 'at the weekend' as opposed to using it to design a better future... It just comes across as so 'Ibiza uncovered.' - and no they aren't trying to be ironic.

Aeon Spoke: Emmanuel

Those of you hoping for some 'softcore indie porn' maybe left feeling slightly disappointed…

Instead of late night Channel 4 erotica, what you get are songs influenced by hanging around the dead! I kid you not!

According to the press release, Aeon Spoke "came to find out what was most important about living through working with the dying" and aim "to explore the depths of spiritual isolation that underlie the human condition." Like... Deep !

Still all of that would count for nothing if they didn’t have the tunes to back it up… and they do… Well kinda, I mean if your work is influenced by such morbidity then it's hardly going to come across as ‘feel good.’ The most immediate comparison that I can draw is with the Smashing Pumpkins circa Gish. Not instant by any means, but definitely worth persevering with.

The Lounge Kings: Not My Skin

THAT NAME!! Why call yourself ‘The Lounge Kings!!?’ Rock and roll is supposed to conjure up images of revolt, or at least come across as being vaguely fun… and no offence lads, but ‘lounging about’ doesn’t really do it for me?

Anyways the song... It’s alright, the lyrics are forgettable, but then most indie bands get away with that just so long as there are enough guitars present – and the guitars here are fantastic. Think Eddy Vedder fused with the Screaming Trees, but with a more accessible indie backdrop. Seek it out, you wont be disappointed.

Vacubou: Self Titled album

I really like this but I don’t think most Repeat readers would. I mean this isn’t a band who are going to make it easy for you – there is nothing to pogo to for a start...

According to the press release, they sound a bit like Bjork, but I thought they came across as a more developed version of CoccaRosie.

Electronic but good enough to fool everyone into thinking its ‘pop.’

The Cinematics: Chase

The single is produced by Steven Hague (Blur, Pet Shop Boys, New order) so you’d expect something that sounds accomplished – and that’s what you get. It’s nice enough but come on - the end of the song sees Scot Rinning sing “ its all so beautiful" over and over!

No. Hold on, this is just an example of me being bitter and cynical… This track is GREAT. It even stands a chance of making it onto commercial radio. It's just that, as good as the track is, you get the impression that you've already heard it before...

Still, check it out, just don’t expect anything life changing.

Millionaire: I’m on a High

When I first heard of the band the first thing I thought was ‘bling.’ I mean why else would you call yourself ‘millionaire’? Still at least that means they aren’t afraid of being HUGE (unlike some bands I could mention, cough).

Back to the review: Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age) acts as producer here, and it shows. If you are a fan of American alternative you’ll love this. Don’t expect too much from the vocals though.

Parma International: Dub Store Special

I’m going to have to admit to being slightly out of my depth here, you know, not knowing anything about reggae. However a quick google revealed the following:

1. They have toured with Madness

2. Phil Jupetus really likes them

And erm, that’s about all I could find! Sorry!

I’m going to sign of with a quote from the band themselves:

“ Forget the times we forgot to love / remember the times of joyful lust ”


Sheraz Qureshi

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