BathtubShitter Dance Hall Grind
Russell reviews some sounds

Navaro - High Wind (Halo Records)
The cover depicts the singer, a middle class new age mum type strolling through the mountains with the side of her face photoshopped into the sky. Song one features acoustic strumming over native American style drums and Navaro does her own backing vocals "high wind, there's a high wind, high wind, there's a high wind". Probably Christian.

Stasi - Dystopia (Riot Club)
Any band that makes you think of Muse even for a second doesn't deserve a second chance. Souring male Kate Bush vocals wonder around a college rock landscape looking to escape into a job in banking or middle management. Horrible.

Sarah Harvey-Smart - Blinding (Halo Records)
Another talent signed to Halo. Harvey-Smarts face fills the cover Phil Collins style. More big production power ballads, more repetitive choruses, you might be fooled into thinking you're listening to Navaro again.


Cool Ethan 1706
Stupid name, bog standard emo music. Imagine Jimmy Eat world covering My Awesome Compilation…at sixth form.

Jaed My Way
A pop-punk song about heroin. The second song, Cupid, reminds me of early Donnas but without the charm or fun or solos. Not hopeless, but pretty close.

BathtubShitter Dance Hall Grind (Super Hit Jam records)
A surprisingly catchy mix of grind /thrash/ and hardcore , switching from screeched vocals, Kafka style, to low death metal growls. Not massively original but featuring some truly deranged lyrics;

"world dance hall(yeah)flourish on the flower
world dance hall (fuck) fuck follower on floor
world dun hole (yeah) effect a burning shitting
world dun hole (fuck) feel here is a birth place"

Fans of DRI, Carcass or Kafka should defiantly investigate this band, there's also free tracks to download on the website.

What We all Want
(Dance to the Radio compilation)
A 22 track compilation made to promote the Leeds music scene put out by Whiskas from Forward Russia. There's some pretty good stuff, mostly sounding arty and angular in a Yeah Yeah Yeahs/Liars first album way. It's not all good though, there's some pretty shoddy emo and the horrific Yes Boss, but if you're into the sort of thing covered by the NME or Artrocker at the moment you'll probably find something of interest on this release.

Newton Falkner - Full Fat (Pressure Records)
Relaxed, summery yuppie radio music for driving sports cars and feeling smug to. Would sit comfortably between Maroon 5 and Simply Red in the record collection nightmares are made of.

Opaque - The Last Moustache
Inoffensive pop rock with more imagination than most, first track is a bit Bowie and the second a little swing, some interesting use of effects and stops. It's all pretty catchy and if I had to hear this on the radio I'd be happy enough but I wouldn't recommend anyone buy it.

Fruition - Ticking Away
The kind of "good honest rock" that wins Battle of the Bands competitions but fails to really interest anyone. The sound falls somewhere between The Feeling and the Stereophonics. I'm sure their mums and dads enjoy their concerts.


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