The Libertines : Bound Together
A Book By Anthony Thornton and Roger Sargent

The story of The Libertines is a well-known story. A much talked about, infamous story that has grabbed the headlines of many newspapers both tabloid and broadsheet, has caught the imagination of the public and has even been featured on Newsnight. In being told and retold, the story has become a mix of fables and myths, changing the way people think about the band, and maybe the way the band see themselves.

So, to make this biography a brilliant and believable read, the authors had a hell of a job on their hands. And they've succeeded! Not only is the majority of the band's career described with great insight and knowledge, it also includes interviews, photos and 'never heard before' stories of how every little thing came together to make the short but brightly burning career of The Libertines. It comes as no surprise to find out that the authors knew the band from the early days, being their early official photographers and having interviewed and reported on the band throughout their time together, and always seeming to be present at every critical stage of the band's development.

The authors tell how the artwork for the albums was made, the tension within the band while Pete was in prison and restates the fact that The Libertines were one of the few bands that would spend time talking to their fans and would give free albums away.

This is no one-sided newspaper hatchet job from the likes of Sun journalists or a coffee table pretty picture book. It's a well-written biography of The Libertines by two of the people that knew them best.

Thoroughly recommended.

10 / 10

Joey Eyebank Ramone

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