The Hives - We Rule The World

In anticipation of N.E.R.D's long awaited new album Pharrell Williams has got his teeth into a surprising collaboration with Swedish art rockers The Hives. This lacks much of the energy that got The Hives recognised and labelled as (yes you guessed it) "The Next Big Thing" back in 2001 but still retains the same cocky lyrics as in their debut "Your New Favourite Band". Mr. Williams has been very coy in his production with this one, I mean a normal Pharrell track would be smothered in blatant eroticism and held together with a middle-eight of sex noises and grinding guitars. But in this battle of two large egos it seems he has let Pelle Almqvist and co. swarm all over the main composition before stepping in and making The Hives' honey even sweeter (excuse the poor pun). And it is sweet indeed; their individual sound has been distilled down and tightened to excruciating sharpness. Although the downside to this is that "We Rule The World" becomes a little dull the more plays it gets - a very monotonous chorus does not got towards correcting this.

What is more interesting though is the B-side remix by Matt Helders and Nick Zinner. It's fairly similar to the kind of sound indie/disco god Erol Alkan is working with but is very impressive all the same. Very clever stuff considering it was remixed by two drummers!


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