KORA: Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh 22/9/07

Based on my experience tonight, the Scots really put the English to shame in terms of crowd reaction. Amidst the stoners and cool kids assembled (though no-one is particularly kid-like either- bliss!), I lose count of how many times a dreadlock pokes me in the eye. I only mildly care. The atmosphere is incredible. Yes sir, gone are the generally sedate back-rooms of little old Cambridge. Can I get an amen? Mind you, maybe I struck lucky tonight because New Zealand also appears to put the rest of the world to shame in terms of complete insanity. The five men on stage have a thing about pulling bizarre faces when they sing (and sometimes just for the pure fun of it). I think they are scaring my new French flatmate. She'll never come out with me again.

Kora are four brothers from the other side of the world, and another bloke, who use the power of reggae/dub/drum and bass/blues/rock a la Faith No More to wipe the floor with anyone that turns out to be within twenty feet of them when they're wielding a guitar or drum stick. Or keyboard plug. From the laidback message of "Politician" to the jump-inducing "Flow", though not the most amazing band lyrically, what they give in terms of charisma and performance makes them an irresistible combination. Cabaret Voltaire is possibly the hottest venue in the universe (meant in temperature and not in Paris Hilton speak) and by the time they have got through an hour or so's worth of material, wowing us with their musical prowess (the vocals are all extremely impressive) the walls are dripping, nay running, with the juice of a hundred men. Now there's a thought… I can't help thinking that this is what I've been waiting for. Super super cool.

Anna C - R*E*P*E*A*T's northern hemisphere correspondent


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