God Loves Us And He Hates You - Bomb Factory

It seems miraculous (get it?) to me, but 'God Love Us And He Hates You' appears to be the greatest song about religious fanaticism since good ole
Bob Zimmerman's 'With God On Our Side'. Whether it chooses to ignore the fact that ALL religion is a catalyst for intolerance, rather than just the
'bible belt' (Unfortunately. If pseudo rapper / punk rock shouter Ranting Jack took on the Northern Ireland troubles, militant Islam, Palestine & Israel and beyond we'd have the greatest political LP ever released on our
hands) or not, it seems that finally a band with REAL UNDERSTANDING and a lack of any bull shit TOLERANCE towards those that deserve it is making
TUNES THAT MATTER. 'Stevie Smith Teenage Terrorist' is scary enough to make slapping ASBOs on all under 18s seem a good idea, and 'Pop Sluts' is a perfect distillation of how every nervous, talentlessly pathetic adolescent feels as they see Busted or the Crazy Frog tone on Top Of The Pops instead of someone that matters. But that's beside the point.

If I was in some earnest teenage emo band, this demo would inspire me to unlearn guitar, trash my effect pedals and write poetry instead. And I
cannot see anyone else that could do that. If they put this demo on the National Curriculum instead of RE or woodwork or any of that other
impractical shit designed to make you think you fit in with society when you leave school at 16, everybody would realize that the world ISN'T perfect. Although the lyrics are enough to make both the righteously pious (eg Cliff Richard) and the most ridiculous faux-Satanist (eg Marilyn Manson) repent their meaningless beliefs, they seem to also harbor some weird quasi-religious hypnotic quality, enough for every kiddy fiddling Bishop to fondle along to. Their instruments don't even sound similar to those you saw Keane playing on MTV, maybe because their drummer is clearly wielding the hammer of Thor, whilst their axeman solely concentrates on combusting all those chemistry sets you have as a kid into huge mushroom clouds rather than actually playing guitar.

They may have spent far too long listening to post-punk, using thesauruses and making their brilliant demo cover, and not enough time debating whether using quotes from Karl Marx in a lyric is still relevant or not, but compared to who they're raging against (Everyone. Ever.) Bomb Factory
really are your new anti-guitar heroes. Even the name fits, instead of dropping songs like every band and DJ, they drop their self produced stash

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