Burn Cambridge Burn
(An Anti-Cambridge Compialtion)
Reviewed in Rhythm and Booze webzine by Will Munn

Burn Cambridge Burn is a low price, twelve-track compilation CD put together by those masters of musical mayhem R*E*P*E*A*T Records, a label and fanzine who are comitted to put the riot back into rock 'n' roll.

The CD was put together as a reaction against the "cliquey, self celebrating but (despite what you hear elsewhere) still decidely average music scene" of Cambridge.R*E*P*E*A*T issued something of a statement of war against the local indie glitterati and a number of bands quickly got in touch to support R*E*P*E*A*T. This all resulted in the release of this hard hitting, no punch pulling all of raw delights.

The album features four (or five if you count the "secret" Bomb Factory track) of the best bands that Cambridge have to offer performing a handful of tracks each all for the price of a single.

Anti-Social Burn-Outs open the proceedings with a couple of wonderfully brash, sharp and snotty punk songs, No Looking Back and Suicide Mission. Both tracks weld together stabbing rock riffs, pumping bass, clattering drums and delightfully gruff, feral vocals spat out with true conviction and attitude. As opening statements go you'll find it difficult to find anything as direct and hard hitting as the twin attack from Anti-Social Burn-Outs, the band play it fast and loud and leave a lasting impression with their stomping anthems.

Long time allies of R*E*P*E*A*T, CosyCosy follow the abbrasive trail of A.S.B.Os with a trio of lo-fi clatterpop anthems, the band combine girl-boy vocals, fuzzy rock n' roll riffs and wonky basslines to create one of the most addictive sounds known to man. Milk Tray is sub two minute thirty punky indie rock anthem complete with rough and ready vocal harmonies, infectious guitar breaks and a hugely contagious chorus that'll have you bouncing and hollering along in the most inappropriate of places. Desert Oasis is a darker, moodier track but the dual vocals of CosyCosy still manage to offer up a delightfully catchy chorus over the hard hitting (Joy Division meets The Clash) soundtrack, whilst Seen The Light is an addictive fuzzy pop track complete with a brilliant sing-a-long vocal refrain towards the end of the track.

The third band on offer are The Hope, a hard hitting frantic rock group who offer up a combination of molten riffs and punchy social poliitical lyrics covering such subjects as "class, race, sex and burning shitty little cities to the ground". Their opening salvo is the blistering Burn This City, which sees the band unleash an incredible ball of frustration and anguish in the shape of slashing riffs and pained vocal yelps that simply lay waste to this listeners ears. This Machine is the sound of The Manic Street Preachers after a shot of pure adreanline, whilst Another Sex Song completes the band's trio of alternative rock belters with a fine display of quiet-loud-quiet dynamics.

The Khe Sanh Approach deliver a rauccous collection of art-rock complete with obtuse and thought provoking lyrics, thrashy guitar and jerky stop-start rhythms bringing to mind the likes of The Fall among others. Crocodile Teargas is the pick of the band's tracks on offer, it's a lengthy new wave epic that see's The Khe Sanh Approach use a combination of furious trebly guitars, feedback and quiet reflection to create a stunning andd memorable soundscape.

Burn Cambridge Burn is rounded off by The Bomb Factory who serve up a fine slab of venomous poetic punk on the compilstion's title track.

If you're only going to buy one CD on my advice then I suggest that you throw your hard earned pennies in the vicinty of R*E*P*E*A*T and grab hold of this fiery collection of music lovers fighting back against the mundane and mediocre.

Rhythm & Booze Rating 10


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