That's What Rock and Roll Can Do...
Joe 90 takes a listen to some moist soundz…

Santa Dog - Belle De Jour
Santa Dog are out to bring back the 90's, with their pulp-esqe chiming guitars and thick British accents. The music has all been heard before, but the female vocals breathe new life into a dead genre, and also make the overall sound more happy and poppy. The songs are good but are let down by the mix of instruments, with perhaps a bit more drums and more guitar this could have really been something that made an impact, remained poppy, but also had the power to make you feel the music more.

FIRSTOFTHEGIANTS - Obsessive Compulsive
When this cd first kicks in it's a really promising start, with an intro that Muse would be proud of, FIRSTOFTHEGIANTS then throw it all away as soon as the vocals kick in, keeping just in key (just.), the singer sounds like he is trying super hard to make his voice sound like it has character but it all comes across a bit fake and silly. With this aside, the band themselves are very good, the sound is mixed perfectly and it is very raw and powerful, they just need a new singer.

Moistboyz - That's What Rock And Roll Can Do

Band name aside, its hard to fault the Moistboyz, everything here suits them perfectly, the guitars are muddy and distorted, the drums are simple and powerful, and the bass just rides the root note and doesn't try anything too fancy, and the singer has the possibly the rawest set of vocal chords ever put down on tape. Although rock and roll is one of the most famous genres in the world, there is no real young talent breaking through into the mainstream and this is hardly going to change that, but who cares? Sweaty pub gigs are better anyway.

The Answer - Rise
The Answer are possibly one of the most talked about bands at the minute, and listening to this latest offering it's very easy to see why. The musicianship on display here is excellent, and the band are as tight as a gnats arse, the vocals cut through the mix loud and clear and suit the music perfectly. Highlights if the album include opener 'Under The Sky' and 'Sometimes Your Love', a bluesy riff fest worthy of any guitar god. The main strength to this album is that they have resisted the urge to create a polished rock record (Def Leopard anyone?) and have stuck to their roots and its really paid off because of it.

GF93 - The Bloody Bastard Remixes
This is one of the weirdest things I've ever heard, the only way to sum it up would probably be trance-rap-metal-electronica-punk. The quality of the remixes cant be denied, the sounds are used and executed perfectly, but with so much going on, you find yourself not enjoying it by track 3. It would go down well in a club, but otherwise, there's not much to appeal here.

Out Of Nowhere - Scars Sessions
(Sadly I can't find a Myspace and I really want to listen! - Ed)
Scar Sessions is an EP that is sure to scar you for life, never will you have faith in rock music after hearing this quite frankly appalling band. It's so middle of the road it's unbelievable, over the 3 tracks the drums keep a consistent 4/4 rhythm throughout, never failing to be dull. The lyrics are awful ("When I speak to Jesus on my telephone, he tells me that I'm fucked up") and one can only assume this is a measly attempt at a hard-hitting statement. Avoid this like the plague.

The Maybes - Olympia

The Maybes have released a confident, bold EP that has already got them mainstream attention from Indie twats NME and others, and its all deserved praise indeed. The Maybes specialise in classic rock but with a country twang twist, making this EP stand out from the crowd, but isn't so diverse that its hard to listen to. The only fault is the cringe worthy country accent that is put on by singer, but the music is so good that it can be forgiven

The Seventh Season - Transposition (DVD)
There's always one problem with live DVD's, and that is capturing the full energy of the show, and the energy on this DVD is about as lively as a dead fish. Its obvious from the start that they are playing to an empty hall, with long shots showing just 4 heads nodding in the front row, which puts an instant downer on the whole performance.
It's a shame they picked such a poor show to record this DVD, because they actually play very well, without putting a foot wrong, but when live, music alone isn't enough to make a performance great,

Joe 90

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