R*E*P*E*A*T's 'Most Special Agent' listens to some stuff

Julie Collings E.P
Julie Collings has made a very good E.P here, there's no doubt about that. With gentle vocals that almost seem haunting at times, they run along with soft neat acoustic guitaring that compliment the vocals very well. This E.P has a very Norah Jones feel, and comparing to mothers Jones C.D these songs are a lot catchier as well, you find yourself humming opening track 'Simple Things' long after it is finished, which is a rare find in this genre of music. Julie Collings is definitely one to look out for indeed.

The Kull Demo
The Kull have a dirty trashy sound with an essence of Queens of the stone age about them, but the problem is that's all there seems to be to the band. Don't get me wrong this isn't a BAD C.D, it just isn't that good. First track 'Tic-Tac-Toe' is very basic and is not really of a standard you would expect a band to open a C.D with. Second track 'Miss. UK' is the better of the two but it is still very basic. The problem with The Kull is that they will never stand out amongst other bands and this will surely hold them back

Warren Suicide 'The Hello'

This C.D instantly catches your attention with electro beats and grainy bass lines; it has an extremely dark side to the music, which compares well to The Prodigy 'music for the jilted generation' era. Warren Suicide are a refreshing blast of energy in a world full of dull Indie bands, and lets hope the British public pick up on this. If Warren Suicide keep this up they may be the ticket to giving the music industry and huge foot up its collective arse. Excellent.

Dialog E.P
Dialog have a very funky sound, with clever, nifty guitar work and a frontman with a fantastic vocal range. These songs have a very upbeat feel to them and can make even the most miserable of bastards get up and dance. Opening track 'Feel' has a very bouncy vibe to it and has a rather different woodwind solo to add the variety. Second track 'Out Of Control' is a good track apart from the quite frankly god-awful vocal section around the one minute mark. It will be interesting to see how Dialog get along in the next few years, keep your ears open.

The Aeroplanes 'This is my love'
When you first hear The Aeroplanes your first thoughts are "Oh Christ, another Snow Patrol wannabe', and you know what, you're right. That aside, this C.D is well performed, the band are tight, and everything mixes in rather nicely, the songs are good enough to keep you interested and after a while you find yourself humming along with it. Second track 'Just A Girl' is a bit more individual and has that something that makes it stand out, something a bit different. Another decent C.D all in all, but still forgettable and just another indie band to throw on the pile.

Morning Runner 'Wilderness Is Paradise Now'
Morning Runner are a band on a role at the moment, with their album currently in the top 40 it seems there is not much they can do wrong at the moment. Its easy to see why they have got this success, the album is easy to listen to and has that something extra that makes it stand out from other bands of this genre (Keane, Coldplay). The songs are well crafted, the band tight and this album has all the ingredients to really get a strong foothold in the charts. Good luck to them

Free Love and The Good Plant E.P
This is a difficult one, I know that this band are excellent because I've had the pleasure of seeing them live, but it all seems to go a bit wrong on the C.D. The ideas in the songs don't seem to flow as fluently as they did live, with all the songs sounding a bit messy and random.
Great band, shame they couldn't recreate the songs on C.D


Bill Tucker 'Watch Over Me'
First things first, do not send me a signed photo of yourself. It is not clever, neither is it big. Right, onto the reviewing then, this is a really poor album; it just about drags along and just makes you want to turn it off after a about 30 seconds. I don't mind songs delivering a message but I don't appreciate being preached to.
When this is over all you will be able to think is "Hallelujah!"

Indiana Gregg 'Something Like Me'
Indiana Gregg is the latest addition in the long string of female solo singers. This album carries an army of sing-long summer tracks that are not great, but will be enough to convert the people that buy into the Sheryl Crow/ Shania Twain market. Average songs and average voice this means this album is (you guessed it) average.
Guess we'll see her in the charts then.

The Autons 'Snakes'

This is the most adventurous C.D I have heard all day, and you know what.. it's excellent.
The Autons have a very punky sound that is mixed with techno beats and the result is absolutely fantastic. The title track instantly engraves its way into your head (and I'm saying this on my third listen in a row), this band obviously have very punk roots with trashy guitars but there is also a very strong element of Daft Punk about them. If this band doesn't go far in the future there is something seriously wrong.

Joe 90

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