The Holloways
Cambridge Junction, 12th November 2008

Ah, The Holloways. If there is a band about who can be relied upon for a good old cock-er-ney knees up with jingly jangly banjos and irish
fiddling session, these are your boys. well, maybe not actually real banjos. Nary 18 months ago these boys were here on a co-headline tour with The Wombats performing to a capacity crowd. Tonight's show howeverseems rather empty considering. Okay, they've been out of thespotlight for a while but really, they deserve better.

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But are they going to let this stop them? Shit no. The couple of hundred (maybe) people here tonight are more than enough for the boys to put everything into the set. Predictably the biggest cheers and dances go to the songs we know from debut album "So This Is Great Britain", particular highlights being Dancefloor, Re-invent Myself,
Two Left Feet and the title track. A smattering of new tracks destined for their forthcoming second album "Tales From The Tarmac" are also thrown in and are met with hugely postive responses on the whole.

Culminating in a hugely enthusiastic romp through "Generator", before we know it for some reason or another the fire alarms go off and we are all told to leave the building. At first I think this is a cunning ruse by the Junction to get us all out of the building what with it just having gone past 11 o' clock (I am assuming there is a curfew
although I may very well have just made that up). However on the way home I do see a fire engine heading for the venue so now I am thinking
that some cheeky young pissed up on cider scamp has smashed the fire alarm and run away. Just like they used to in Grange Hill. Either way someone somewhere was up to some mischief.

The overwhelming thing about a Holloways gig is simply a sense of unashamed pure simple pop fun. No bad thing that. I can't be sitting around listening to Nine Inch Nails and Bauhaus and Opeth* all the time. After all, I have to have a night off sometimes.

Richard Bull

(* I have never listened to Opeth, I have no idea who they even are)

Thanks to Mike @ Infected for arranging guest list. Ta.