Spit Like This - Fi Beckett gets out her spittoon…

Siouxsie - About to Happen

I'm almost afraid to press play just in case I hate this. Always a bit of a worry when yr idols release something cos there's always the chance that what comes out of the speakers will be undiluted shite and everything you ever believed in will shatter into tiny pieces and your world will fall apart. or is that just me? Siouxsie (so fabulous she needs only one name. like Jordan. arf!) is one of those people who, seemingly, can do no wrong. The original Queen of the Punks has survived thirty years in the biz, done it all on her own terms and taken shit from no-one and here on the 3rd single released from solo album Mantaray she shows she has nothing left to prove. Ballsy, poppy and punky with her distinctive vocals (try describing her voice, it's impossible!) adding layers of dirty sophistication, although this single is a long way from, say, Love in a Void or even Cities in Dust, Siouxsie still has what it takes to blow the likes of Winehouse and Adele out the water.

Voodoo Six - Faith

Led Zep rip off merchants via Rainbow and Iron Maiden. It's, like, sooooo three decades ago maaan.

Run to the hills!

Spit Like This - 4-track sampler

With names like Vikki Spit, Lord Zion, Cyndi Rott and Vile Gilez and looking like EuroDeathMetallers I gotta admit I expected a lot more from this cd than they actually delivered. I mean, it's not bad, but it's not great. They give helpful hints with the track listing, telling us what each song sounds like; e.g. (catchy punky glam), presumably in case the listener hasn't got a mind of their own and needs help translating from eardrum to brain. On paper Spit like this should be fantastic, you can hear the Cramps/Adam & the Ants/T-Rex influences clearly enough, but for me it just doesn't work. And I so wanted it to. Think I'll stick with The Horrors, at least I know I won't be disappointed.


Fi Beckett


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