The Rogers Sisters

'Emotion Control' (single)

Too Pure (released Oct 3rd)

Quite how a band containing a token male member can be classed as 'sisters' remains to be seen, but Brooklyn post-punk trio The Rogers Sisters return with this refreshing new single 'Emotion Control' to coincide with their current UK tour. Although the '70s art school/new wave era clearly plays a big part in the band's sound; as much as the shimmering, glassy guitars, simple production and overall air of detachment are indebted to the likes of Television, Talking Heads and The Slits, more contemporary influences are also on show, - in particular the understated, simultaneous boy/girl vocals being reminiscent of the Raveonettes, as well as there being a healthy dosage of YYY-style primal garage thump present. Despite being something of a cult band both here and in the US, the Sisters have been name-checked as inspirations by a spate of hot new upstarts, and rather than using your final couple of quid for that one last pint of Stella at the indie disco, why not get yourself a copy of 'Emotion Control' instead?


Clive Drew

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