Experiments in Living :
a defeat for a generation lost in a world with no taste


Intelligent website alert!

Inspired by the Situationists, The Manics and yes even this website, Experiments in Living seeks to make sense of a world driven mad in its single-minded pursuit of money and power. I love the fact that the editorial line eschews the post-modern quietist convention that nothing can be done to change things, and instead tries to look for the lever that can tilt the world back the right way up, whether this be a word, song or image.

Unsurprisingly the site is concerned with the way various artists have sought to influence the world, and there are interviews with The Horrors, Performance and Hope of the States. The rants exhibit an enthusiasm to take on comfortable received ideas (pornography, modern art, religious cults and um… Bloc Party) and revel in the belief that the written word can still be revolutionary while despising the accepted hierarchy of the so-called pantheon of greats - "The comic book is just as worthy as the novel". And a link to the rather fantastic "Lost America" photography website gives an insight into the editor's thinking about the power of images - we're promised some more pictures to come on the pages of Experiments for Living itself.

I don't really feel qualified to review the construction of websites, but I do like the use of low bandwidth and just 2 colours to achieve such a striking and contrasting effect without any need for heavy graphics or flashing lights.

Take a look for yourself. And although Experiments in Living is still very much a work in progress, unless you're very boring and brainless, you should still find something to start you thinking, and who knows where this thinking might lead you?

Keep warm this winter, make trouble.

Rosey R*E*P*E*A*T


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