Love Ends Disaster!
(Yellow Noise, March 12th)

Well, it's been a while since we heard from Love Ends Disaster!: and I am pleased to report that they're still much the same, if not more so. The same rippling, luminous guitars cut with more vicious six-stringed shards of sound; the same pounding drums with a martial edge; the same tunefully desperate vocals and lashings of angry resignation; the same dizzying levels of emotion and offhand intelligence/eccentricity… In short, the same tendency to sound rather a lot like Love Ends Disaster! - and why, indeed, would they want to sound any different?

LED!'s trick is to cut achingly beautiful noises with harsh, hopeless, cynical lyrics and jagged chords which warp everything backwards and make them feel All Wrong… while leaving enough of the beauty untouched to make the cynical hurt feel even worse in contrast. It's very moving music, but with an alien, science fiction quality which means you can never forget to listen carefully to the cleverness and unexpected qualities. And taken as a whole, it's unsettling, haunting, utterly addictive and just frankly lovely.

Go to to have a listen. It's four minutes of your life which you're more likely to long to spend again than to regret squandering.