CRAZY P: Ultragroove@Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh 22/9/07

The artists formerly known as Crazy Penis are the perfect antidote to Northern Bald Ibis and scooters that won't start (even after being pushed uphill to a garage). That probably won't make an awful lot of sense to most people reading this. It doesn't matter. After this evening, I realise there are a lot more important things in life anyway. There are a number of amazing people in Cabaret Voltaire who give me the biggest smile, all elbowing each other in the ribs in perfect time to the music, a writhing sweaty mass of pure joy. Not least the front-woman of said band, although, appearing like some sort of robot queen, she doesn't seem to perspire. Tonight, men, women and freaks unite to hold her aloft like a slightly camp and extremely glittery beacon; a non-Irish Roisin Murphy or perhaps an English Ana Matronic, the wonderful Dani Moore keeps the crowd captivated with her manic dancing and sultry, soulful vocal. That and the fact that she stares into the eyes of the front row almost constantly. My mate, Jen, got smacked in the face by her, that's how close she gets. Although she hasn't had the best luck recently, having been pissed on by a small child from above the other week.

Great fun but by no means the novelty band their name might suggest, Crazy P are the perfect mix of style and substance. Clearly revelling in the adoration created by their perfect cult of funky disco, playing a mixture of material (a personal highlight being the fabulous single "Lady T"), they will indeed make you crazy. And perhaps even your penis. You'll thank Christ because they got here just in time. The drummer's hot too. They have a new album out now. Buy it.

Thanks to Amrik from Shiva Records for doing a superb job with the guest list. Special thanks to Dale and the guy in the stripy top for entertaining us all night with their incredible moves!

Anna C

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