Open Mouth / Dexy ‘Split’
(Angry Liberal / Repeat).
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Flip the disc for a further brace of reclined lilting fancies this time from Dexy. ’Waiting for an accident’ is simply classy, a potently charged pick me up that sounds as though it was swiped from the collective mercurial melodic note books of Kevin Tihista and the Eskimos. Braided by the onset of fulsomely breezy harmonicas (which along with whistling, yelping and Theremins all records should by law feature if not one then a combination of at the very least amid their grooves), this sugary cutie initially appears like some frail and kooky yet homely softly strummed gem before magnificently morphing into a warming haze of beautifully encoded bubblegum pop that finds itself all at once bestriding all routes via the west coast psyche pop, 50’s drive in teen movies and 70’s glam. Benefiting from an infectious pull / push dynamic it steals itself with a sherbet like underpin that endows the whole spectacle with a tangy sugar rush while all the time slyly nibbling at the fuzzy riff of Glitter’s ’I love you love me love’ - breathless stuff. The sweetly tender ’Asleep in your attic’ in sharp contrast is a more introspective and shyly lit affair, again spliced through by some well primed harmonica solos, this trembling babe as haunting as it is appears so fragile that you fear the slightest movement or touch on your part would snap it in half and so achingly defenceless the compulsion to wrap your arms around it by way of a re-assuring hug is overwhelming - a rare touching beauty of some measure. - go to www.myspace/openmouthmusic to hear the demo cuts mentioned above while a quick peak in the general direction of will have you treated immeasurably with the rather smart ’A puncture’.

Martk, Losing Today Mag

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