BEING 747- Health and Safety

Being 747 (or one clever bloke called Dave and his merry muso mates) are, by no means, your average band, in fact describing their second offering through Wrath Records as "a squid eating dough in a polythene bag". Which is silly, of course, but, if you can picture that, then you're over half way to understanding how marvellously mental and, naturally, fabulous this is. From beginning to end, nice keyboards and naughty harmonies sink their milky teeth into a hefty slab of mostly-bouncy lo-fi indie-rock from Leeds, in the vein of a well-orchestrated Pavement or The Pixies but with the dismal but cocky and slightly sarcastic storytelling of Pulp that anyone who's ever heard of The Scaramanga Six will also recognise (unsurprisingly, as there are members of the latter who have actually dipped their finger in this rather tasty pie).

Basically an album about modern life in all its absurdity and disappointment, yet performed in such a way that pulls a great white moonie to the world, with highlights including the mad scientist of a track that is "Circuits and wires", the stomping do-si-do of "My fear of birthdays" and "Agree with me and sleep with me" which is almost a ballad until you find out it is actually a tale of sexual harassment and emotional blackmail, this is really "Little Britain" to music. In that it is joyously unserious but seriously good. After all, I challenge you to find another "reflective" pop song called "Stuart" featuring a tacky bossanova beat. Or another group of Yorkshiremen whose next project is a concept-style all-singing adaptation of David Attenborough's "Life on Earth". Which I, for one, hope is not a joke.

Was released 1st May, 2006 which means that a) I am slack and b) you can get a copy right away.

Anna C