AB/CD CD Launch Party,
Histon and Impington Junior School, 31.3.06

Who says you need fireworks to have a good time? Well, whoever it was, they were wrong, so ha ha ha! Without the aid of a single sparkler or badgering banger, the AB/CD launch party managed to light up the evening.

It was great, the kids loved it and I don't know how many people must have bought a copy of the CD. I think the choice of playlist was well made; here it is

Blitzkreig Bop
Leaving on a Jet Plane
Teenage Kicks
Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Last Time
Bob the Badger
Mrs Robinson
Trouble (with Ash B)
Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Well I'll move on to talk about the music. The band are made up of year 4 teacher and drummer extraordinaire Mrs Cullen, caretaker Mr Mingay on bass and guitar noodling and year 5 class and guitar teacher Mr Rose on rhythm guitar, badger obsession and vocal growling. I think that from now on 'Show Me The Way to Amarillo' will always be sung as 'Armadillo' in the punk rock stylee version that AB/CD perform it in, making the original sound like nothing! 'Bob the Badger' was rattled through at 100mph and there were some weird vocal 'badger' effects during 'Mrs Robinson'. Even the kids got up and played some instruments and there was a guest vocal spot from one 'Ash B' in 'Trouble'.

With around 267 bottles of pop sprayed, 311 packets of crisps munched, and 6 tonnes of rubbish created, the gig must be counted as a big badgering success; more importantly, there were over 100 people in the hall and I think everyone of them left with a smile on their face.

Words and pix by Ash B, year 6

The AB/CD CD is available here and is sold to raise money to buy music equipment at Histon and Impington Junior School