Various Artists
'Burn Cambridge Burn - An Anti - Cambridge Compilation'
R*E*P*E*A*T Records

The best example of embitterment directed at the Cambridge music scene…..EVER

Burn Cambridge Burn is a 5 band compilation of acerbic, backbiting, vitriolic bile being lobbed in the direction of Cambridge and it’s alleged embracing of the more mundane genres of music adopted by the local bands. The fire starter was local fanzine R*E*P*E*A*T which ran an article that concluded ‘surely not every band in Cambridge wants to get stoned, sing about their girlfriends and end the set with their mates dancing on stage? Aren’t there kids in bands who want to express anger?’ The result of that call to arms is this, considerably great, record.

First band up, Anti -Social Burn-Outs are excellent, if the 2 songs contributed is to be the spokesperson for the rest of their material. It’s punk rock in it’s most familiar, and much loved role. Direct and to the point! Their first song ‘No Looking Back’ is submerged in a taunting drum beat, shards of lead guitar and a vocal that’s tailor made for such rants. But second song ‘Suicide Mission’ is their genius, and this albums strongest point by a mile. Again it’s familiar punk, but with a directional melody and intelligent structuring. It’s worth buying the record for this song alone! Cosy Cosy are next and sound more in the vein of 70’s new wave/punk like maybe Richard Hell, Rezillos or Eddie and the Hot Rods. It’s a completely different edge than that conjured up by Anti-Social Burn-Outs, but they do what they do remarkably well. The 3 songs they bring, ‘Milk Tray, ‘Desert Oasis’ and ‘Seen The Light’ sound fresh and original still.

Third band, The Hope, are dirty rock and roll with political and personal views that work very well here. Of the 3 songs they contribute, ‘This Machine’ has the strength and audacity to stick out! The Khe Sanh Approach are band number 4. Politically poetic and certain agitators of the peace. They lend 3 songs to the cause with ‘British Theatre 1956-1959’being their ace in the pack, and the best titled song ever! Again, it’s a rocky edge that runs through their songs, though it’s possible to pick traces of The Stranglers earlier sounds alongside, dare I say it, a Marilyn Manson vocal delivery? The album ends, stunningly, with a secret hidden track by Bomb Factory.

This compilation will be on sale for only £4...and that’s a lot less than you’d probably quite happily shell out for something of this quality! Great stuff, indeed!

By: Alan Baillie

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