Keep Britain Tidy
A Public Service Announcement with Guitars

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There is a place for politics in music. ‘Keep Britain Tidy: A Public Service Announcement With Guitars’, a 23-track compilation by R*E*P*E*A*T Records is a testament to the thousands of Brits who suffer through acts of racism on a daily basis. The compilation is an assortment of up and coming indie hopefuls who have taken a public stance against the British National Party. William
kicks off the mix with their Pavement-esque ‘Five Minute Wonder’ and lead the way to bands like Ten City Nation, My Broken Tex La Homa and Surrey’s
Stagecoach, which contributes ‘Confessions Of A Whore’ [ooops!] - a harder and faster tune with shrieking guitars. The album is a blend of lo-fi rock, pop-punk and ends with Attila The Stockbroker, the 48-year old punk, rap poet and his spoken word ‘Spirit of The Age’. A worthy cause, recommended.

Emma Sadowski


A whole bunch of angry indie rock upstarts tell the BNP to f*ck off, aurally.

So we all know about the BNP (British Nationalist Party), right? Basically, they're run as an offshoot to the National Front – you know, neo-Nazi's. Now, we're all welcome to our opinions, but frankly if you voted BNP your opinion
is wrong. Unfortunately London has evidently lost its collective mind, seeing as 70,000 (!!!) people/idiots voted for the BNP in the Mayoral Elections in May 2008.

Now, this means they have a seat on the London Assembly and have potential to do some undoubtedly terrible things. It also means 70,000 Londoners think Nick Griffin is a good leader, not some jumped up, racist idiot. Griffin has, so far in his career, blamed the majority of the UK's drug problems on Muslim immigrants, thinks Jews are conspiring against white people and even
claimed the Holocaust never happened. The list goes on.

Enter 'Love Music Hate Racism', an organisation that is here to demonstrate, through the medium of music, against the racism caused by organisations such as the BNP. Then along comes Repeat Records who organise this lovely compilation to help Love Music Hate Racism out. 'Keep Britain Tidy' is a
really good collection of songs, with everything from rip-roaring alternative rock (Thee Vicars) to Blondie-esque pop (Lily Rae) bypassing folk on the way (Dexy).

Naturally, there are some tracks that stand out more than others. 'Sunday Morning 10am' by Popular Workshop is a natural winner with it's quirky
offbeat offerings. Ten City Nation – built up of former Miss Black America members - and KunK are other acts to pay particular attention to with their own brand of alternative rock and aggression to boot. But basically, everyone on 'Keep Britain Tidy' is worth checking out, and even more so as it is for a very good cause. How could you go wrong with 23 awesome songs for a mere three pounds? Especially when you're telling the BNP to f*ck off at the same time.




I must admit I am more than pleasantly surprised by how good this CD is!

Over the years I have purchased quite a few fanzine compilation CDs (or vinyl back in the day) and it's often been my experience that, beyond the
band or artist that initially sparked my interest in the project, there is usually an inordinate amount of music on these compilations that just
doesn't appeal to me.

This is absolutely not the case with "Keep Britain Tidy"!

Of the 23 tracks that you've squeezed onto this compilation, only three or four didn't really appeal to me, due to my personal tastes in music .
There are some really talented artists on here; and the songs seem to have excellent production values. This album is full of catchy riffs, good lyrics and tight performances. I am really impressed and I look forward to seeing
what else you'll be involved with in the near future.

Warm wishes and best regards,


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