Indie stars-in-waiting assemble to fuck the BNP right off.

A Public Service Announcement With Guitars

featuring William, We Start Fires, Ten City Nation, Popular Workshop, KunK, Nebraska, Lily Rae, The Indelicates, Jacob's Mouse, Dexy, MyBroken101, Tex La Homa, Robert Rorison, Johnny Panic, Bretton, The Shills, Thee Vicars, Stagecoach, Subliminal Girls, Volunteers, The Hope, FallingFast, Greg McDonald and Attila The Stockbroker

In May 2008, close to 70,000 Londoners voted for the British National Party (BNP) in the London Mayoral Elections, giving the BNP their first seat on the London Assembly and, with it, the potential to directly influence the way London is run, and an extra layer to their façade of respectability. The BNP are a party founded and run as an offshoot from the neo-Nazi National Front. Their leader, Nick Griffin, is an outspoken Holocaust-denier who has described Islam as a "wicked and vicious faith", openly blames Muslim immigrants for the entire country's drug problems, and has twice been arrested for incitement to racial hatred. If London (arguably) leads the way, the chances of the BNP achieving decent electoral results in other parts of the UK suddenly seem uncomfortably healthy.

"I am well aware that the orthodox opinion is that six million Jews were gassed and cremated and turned into lampshades. Orthodox opinion also once held that the world is flat ... I have reached the conclusion that the 'extermination' tale is a mixture of Allied wartime propaganda, extremely profitable lie, and latter witch-hysteria." - Nick Griffin, leader of the BNP, writing in 1998

In response to this madness, R>E>P>E>A>T Records has assembled a 23-track compilation featuring some of the most exciting new bands in the country (and one or two old favourites) to raise money and, most importantly, support for Love Music Hate Racism, an organisation which uses the positive energy of music to fight back against the racism being pushed by Nazi organisations like the BNP. KEEP BRITAIN TIDY - A Public Service Announcement With Guitars will be available on CD from Monday 18th August by mail order from the R>E>P>E>A>T website - - for a measly £3 (including P&P). Buy it by paypal here or send cheques (payable to 'Love Music Hate Racism' please) or well secured cash to R*E*P*E*A*T, PO Box 438, Cambridge, CB4 1FX


Some of the bands will be touring in support of the compilation, and the cause - catch them at the following dates:

Weds 30 July - LONDON BRIXTON WINDMILL - Popular Workshop, Subliminal Girls DJs, Ten City Nation, Nebraska & KunK
Fri 1 Aug - AMSTERDAM WINSTON KINGDOM Ten City Nation & Thee Vicars
Sat 2 Aug - AMSTERDAM BITTERZOET Thee Vicars, Ten City Nation & The Hope
Weds 13 Aug - BURY ST EDMUNDS GAFF Ten City Nation, Thee Vicars & KunK
Thur 14 Aug - CENTRAL LONDON 12 BAR CLUB Nebraska, Thee Vicars, Ten City Nation, KunK & Dexy
Fri 15 Aug - CAMBRIDGE MAN ON THE MOON The Hope, Ten City Nation, Nebraska, Thee Vicars & Dexy
Sat 16 Aug - NORWICH QUEEN CHARLOTTE KunK & Ten City Nation
Sun 17 Aug - IPSWICH STEAMBOAT Ten City Nation

No-one involved in this compilation is daft enough to believe that a bunch of mostly Southern English indie bands can single-handedly wipe out racism by putting out a CD and playing a few gigs in tiny venues to people who (largely) agree with what we're saying. That's not the point at all. What we want is to get people involved, to show them how easy it is to organise an event, to hand someone a leaflet or a flyer, to let people know what the BNP's intentions really are. If we can help prevent just one more person from voting BNP, we can all die just that little bit happier for knowing that we tried.

The Tracks

1. WILLIAM - Five Minute Wonder (William) Recorded by Owen Turner
Taken from the album Self In Fiction, out now on Tough Love Records

2. WE START FIRES - Hot Metal (Stefani)
Taken from the album We Start Fires, out now on Hot Noise/IRL

3. TEN CITY NATION - Positive Sickness (Baldwin/Patrick/Smith) Recorded by Sam Marsh Taken from the album Ten City Nation, free to download from

4. POPULAR WORKSHOP - Sunday Morning 10AM (Popular Workshop)

5. KUNK - Little People (KunK) Produced by Jack Ruston
Taken from the single We're Not Who You Think We Are, out now on Plastic Sun Records

6. NEBRASKA- New Uniform (Hall/Todd) Produced & mixed by Adrian Hall
EXCLUSIVE TRACK taken from the forthcoming sophomore album…

7. LILY RAE - Diane (Lily Rae)

8. THE INDELICATES - Big Beat Better To Know
(Clayton/Clarke-Lowes/Indelicates) EXCLUSIVE REMIX - Original version available on the album American Demo, out now on Weekender Records

9. JACOB'S MOUSE - Twist (Boothby/Boothby/Marsh)
Taken from the album No Fish Shop Parking, out now on Blithering Idiot

10. DEXY - The Dying Breed (D. Klepacz) Produced & mixed by Matt Frost

11. MY BROKEN TEX LA HOMA - Evil Tune (live) (Gowing/Tomkinson)
This EXCLUSIVE TRACK is a collaboration between MyBroken101 and Tex La Homa

12. ROBERT RORISON - Death Dance For Miss Misbehaviour (Rorison)
Used by kind permission of Cadiz Music/Robert Rorison

13. JOHNNY PANIC - Heroes Of Villlains (Johnny Panic)
Taken from the album The Good Fight, out now on R>E>P>E>A>T Records

14. BRETTON - Everything You Asked For (Bretton)

15. THE SHILLS - Mexico '20 (The Shills)

16. THEE VICARS - I Don't Wanna Be Like You (Thee Vicars)
Taken from the album Let Us Play, out now on Eh Steeeve! Records

17. STAGECOACH - No Ded Enz (Stagecoach)

18. SUBLIMINAL GIRLS -Self Obsession Is An Art Form (Subliminal Girls)
Taken from the single Hungry Like The Wolf, out now on Weekender Records

19. VOLUNTEEERS - UK Hardcore Anthem (Marsh)

20. THE HOPE - Confessions Of A Whore (The Hope)
EXCLUSIVE TRACK taken from the forthcoming debut album

21. FALLINGFAST - Fighting Type (demo) (FallingFast)
FallingFast is not a band.

22. GREG MCDONALD - Stranger At The Door (Greg McDonald)
EXCLUSIVE VERSION - original version available on the album Stranger At The Door, out now on Sugartown Records

23. ATTILA THE STOCKBROKER - Spirit Of The Age (live)
(Attila The Stockbroker)
EXCLUSIVE TRACK Recorded live in Norway


KEEP BRITAIN TIDY - A Public Service Announcement With Guitars
Available at R*E*P*E*A*T and Sonic Midwife gigs or by mail order exclusively from R>E>P>E>A>T Records
£3 inc. P&P (all profits go to Love Music Hate Racism)
Released Monday 18th August 2008

"Lots of our songs are about growing up in our small Surrey town. You kinda don't question those places until you get a bit older and hairier and wiser. As a kid it never seemed strange that everyone we knew was white. If you saw a black guy walking down the street - it was pretty rare. That was the 80s. By the time we were finishing school, there were kids from all different countries and backgrounds sat there in class. And what you learn is this: kids adapt pretty quick. When you're young you just get on with it. You make new friends. You discover new things. You don't care about stuff like the colour of people's skin. That's the kind of lesson you can learn from kids. And that's the kind of message we hope this album promotes." - Stagecoach

"Part of the reason we started this band was to make a stand against those who promote fear and inequality. Whether it be individual or institution, we are but one race of the people (in this already fucked up world) where sole judgment should not be laid down on the basis of colour, creed or culture. We proudly wear our heart on our sleeves and wave a big middle finger to the likes of the BNP" - The Hope

Buy Keep Britain Tidy here for £3 inclusive