MR SCRUFF- Club Ego, Edinburgh 18/10/1007

It's my birthday today. And I'm "wobbling my legs". Well, I hope I'm doing it correctly. The bouncer is laughing at me a bit. Mr Scruff AKA DJ/ mixmaster Andy Carthy looks suitably chuffed at the reaction he's getting, at least. And he is apparently usually unimpressed by everything. Madonna is counted as a fan of his best-known release, "Keep it unreal" and he doesn't give a monkeys. But then why would he care about an aging "Queen of pop" when he is into eating pies, drinking tea and buggering hip-hop, funk, jazz and soul all at the same time? In the nicest possible way, of course.

It doesn't even matter that the place is full of kids, staring at the trade-mark cartoon visuals which emblazon the massive screen behind the rather ordinary-looking, but very happy man, on decks. They're all dancing like twats too, though, like me, they're trying hard not to. As in his mixes, Scruff doesn't discriminate. I'll have another whiskey and coke then; it's not every day you feel this "wibbly" after all.

Thanks to Hilary at Coda for giving me a great present!!

Anna C

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