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All kick ya ass

Very similar to the 'Politics' page but not for politics! Any article or series of incoherent thoughts people particularly like may end up here. Got one you think should be here? Please send it over and we'll laugh at it in a supercillious way before discarding it with a sneer.

(unless it's any good in which case it will end up here.)


Dear Mr Kok - Phil Rose esq hits back at Christian school junk mail...
Why I Hate the Israeli Lobby by Phil Rose Esq
Michael Moore's Oscar speech
Why We LOve Music and Hate Racism
Bands speak out about why they wanted to go on our album
Country Baffled by Diana's Continued Death by Yalson
Bigots of the Week
You Love Us? Vague ramblings about Manics fans by Hannah
Steven Wells on Football Hooliganism
Jessica Lynch, what a crock by Phil Rose esq
Moody badger defends The Manic Street Preachers
Blair is a wanker by John Pilger
A Modest Proposal by Julian Gough
(Pop's Love infatuation cured)

Living with the Manics by Chris Marling
(a cautionary Tale)

For those about to piss me off Chris Marling
(Small band small life)

The Cambridge bland Competition by Chris Marling
(will they never shut up?)

Dear Richard by Chris Marling
(stop being nice to those who don't deserve it)
People who don't like sport are Wrong by Mark Steel
Manics (ughh) Kill Your Heroes by John Jenkin
Bush's War - The WTC Oil Gambit
By Stan Goff
Good conspiracy theorist speaks of true conspiracy
Public Schools are toss, by the way, big man by Ben Chandler
I think there's a point here somewhere
Yankees up to no good in Shannon Airport by Tim Hourigan
Long article but informative
Bush appoints Falwell by Phil Rose esq
Slow loading. Please be patient
Bush-Dog Killer by Phil Rose esq
VERY slow loading. Please be patient
Nazzii Minogue by Anti Nazzii League
Dannii Minogue has bad thoughts.
Hussein Must do Silly Dance shocker
Read all about it