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BRING BACK OLD LABOUR "Britain never never never shall be ... " oh, hang on... Talk about new danger. Tory Bliar's policies have done more for the neo fascists of Britain than ever before. When the British Nazional Party won so many seats i the local electrions recently, the news was greeted with a sigh, a shrug and some quietly raised eyebrows by a media whose profits are swollen by bad news anyway. Fascists accepted as part of the scenery with no fuss. There have always been people who will stand up to those that seek to divide and conquer, though, and there always will be!

They reckoned without the power of music - an essential summer tour was Miss Black America (debut album God Bless Miss Black America was a wake up call... "genuinely, sincerely, doing their damndest to take the world by the balls" (the fly), "provocative, inspired and downright essential - hear this band if it's the last thing you do" (rocksound), "if this record was on a major label, MBA would be well on their way to being the Biggest Band in Britain. As it stands, they'll just have to settle for being the Best" (rolling stone) and friends like Antihero, Cultural Ice Age, Becky Jago, Ludes, Special Needs... punks for for peace. The Love Music Hate Racism single sold out and the punk album follows the r'n'b release and is due this November.

It's not all apathy about fascist strongholds and racism threatening our century-ahead multi everything society - a cultural treasure. Something is alive, kicking and growing in the world of music... Increasingly influential to the music establishment, the d.i.y. underground continue to make a stand .


Ignorance is Bliss?
Nazis are raising their verminous little heads. Not just in Britain, where their rise is being countered by the efforts of anti Nazis such as The Anti Nazi League who organised last years massive Love Music Hate Racism carnival, but all over Europe. Let’s not call them “fascists” or “Nationalists”. The BNP, the Front National and their demented ilk are NAZIS - as in Adolf Hitler, as in gas chambers. The only legitimate first response to them is disgust. These scumbags have to be stopped.
And what’s that got to do with pop music? Apart from EVERYTHING? Hitler banned jazz in Germany, fans and musicians alike ended up in concentration and death camps, alongside Jews, gypsies, gays and socialists. A BNP government would destroy rock music. OUR music, with its roots in working class black and white America, with its tendency to mux apparently “separate” cultural influences from all over the world, is an anathema to the Nazis.
Can you imagine what the music would be like under a government dedicated to “ethnic purity”? What would we have left? Morris dancing? Not even that. “Morris” is an English corruption of “Moorish”, meaning North African, meaning black. The Nazis have no culture, no art, no music. They are anti-life, anti-human. They hate you, they hate the way you dress, they hate every single record in your collection - every pop or rock record is by definition an anti-Nazi record.
Sometimes this has to be made explicit. The only thing preventing the Nazis from growing further here, as they have elsewhere in Europe, is the determination of normal anti-Nazis. People like us.
It’s time to make a stand.

(From a piece adapted from Issue 4 of R*E*P*E*A*T by Steven Wells)


"The sad fact is, that everyone knows someone who's a racist, thus the UK population of 55 million equals a lot of racists. Sadly I dont feel as a nation we are evolving quick enough. Racism should be a disease of the past, but with the growing number of Nazis preaching thier poisonous sermons we have to make a stand and eradicate this vermin once and for all." (Maxi, King Adora)

"Music is a sanctuary of understanding for those who truly love music. To me racism epitomises the opposite of this sanctuary and why I do musicy things so they can't both exist. If you truly love music you have to hate racism". (Cosy Cosy)

“What supporting Love Music Hate Racism comes down to really is a simple question: do you think it is acceptable for people to be abused, hounded, terrorised, demonised, beaten, maimed and killed just because of their race, their religion, the colour of their skin, what their parents do or did, their sexuality, upbringing, accent, class, dress sense, taste in music, political views? If the answer is “yes”, then you are a Nazi, and it probably is political for you. If the answer is “no”, then you are a human being, and politics has nothing to do with it.” (Miss Black America)

“Racism, like every form of ignorance, must be combatted by education. Those who would wield it as a political weapon, exploiting people's fears for their own ends, must be met head on, more than ever in the current global political climate of "good versus evil" simplism.” (The Dawn Parade)

"Pop music has always evolved out of a mixture of voices, cultures and influences. Britain has such a strong and influential music scene mainly because it embraces the diversity present here and celebrates it. The 'Love Music Hate Racism' project is the latest in a long line of events that attempts to bring people together through music of all kinds, in order to show up those who wish to destroy our pop culture as the liars and frauds they truly are. There is no such thing as fascist pop. Go figure." The Exiles

"Whilst Kinesis refrain from aligning ourselves with any political organisation in general, we see that LMHR is supporting a good cause and the eradication of racism can only be a good thing. Enjoy." Kinesis

"Some of my best friends are racists. And here's the underlying problem: we're so scared, we let the small comments float by like a bad fart on the
tube. Nobody has the guts to challenge. When the exhausted teacher talks about 'the black parents'. Or the newspaper editor deliberately bylines
Asian surnames on asylum-seeker stories. Or the heroic anti-war speaker slips into anti-Semitism.

Racists lose the right to comment on anything, in my opinion, because they've debased all else that spills from their mouths. Here is the most
simple premise: that we're all born with equal worth. Yet these people can't get past shades of pink and brown. It's not rocket science. Anyone unable to grasp our basic birthright of equality is not worth attention, debate or friendship. But then, I'm a white middle class man and I know diddly-fuck about what it REALLY feels like. Thank God for LMHR." Chris T-T

Because there are some things where quietly holding a personal opinion isn't enough, where you have to stand up and be counted and make a noise about what you believe, and this is one of them. The idea that people should be judged by things such as colour or sexuality rather than by the person behind the skin, by who they are and what they've chosen to make of themselves, is repellent and sickening. It dehumanises people, turns them
from an individual into a type, takes away someone's right to exist as a person rather than as a representation of a category. And that right is important beyond measure because humanity is all we have to define ourselves by: removing someone's humanity removes all the fundamental rights which that humanity bestows on people, including the freedom for people to decide
for themselves what they want to be without having their life imposed on them by outside values. And so BNP/tabloid prejudice infecting people's
minds becomes a starting point for atrocities of the "she's not a person, it's an asylum seeker" kind. Faced with something like that it's not enough to just be passively against it, to say 'well, if I'm not making it worse I must be making it better' - you have to stand up and state that this is what's really happening and that we're not going to stand by and watch it. So this is us making a noise about it.

And the appeal of a compilation is that it goes beyond the usual negation of the other side and starts to hint towards what an alternative might be. Not to say that rock'n'roll is a universal panacea or anything, but the idea of taking something which embodies sheer all-out fun and which you love anyway and of turning it into a means of defiance simply by saying it is - well,
that's a way forward that works on many levels. We Can Build You

Unfortunately racism is still an ugly part
of our lives in this country, and hopefully this album can raise awareness and funds for the ANL, to enable them to continue the fight against it. In short, we love music and hate racism. Impact

"All the best culture steals from its influences. Pop music in particular, has always been a mish mash of cultural cross overs : black slaves moshing with the white trash. Anyone who tries to deny our multicultural heritage is a dangerous fool. That's why The Virgin Suicides support Love Music Hate Racism." Virgin Suicides

LOVE MUSIC HATE RACISM - http://www.lmhr.org.uk