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Cambs Against the Nazis

"Only one thing could have broken our movement – if our adversaries had understood its principle, and from the first day had smashed, with the most extreme brutality, the nucleus of our new movement" Adolf Hitler

Cambridge Unite Against Fascism
Statement about attempted surveillance of our activities

Cambridge Unite Against Fascism is disappointed to learn that the local police have been trying to spy on our activities. Unlike the Fascist right, we are an open organisation which meets in public in a local café, and our success depends upon us involving a wide section of society. Nationally we are supported by Trade Union Leaders, MPs, sports and music stars, and a former home secretary, while our last demonstration in Cambridge was lead by local Lib-Dem MP Julian Huppert and Richard Howitt, Labour MEP for our region. Local community and religious leaders, football fans, Trade Unionists, councillors and The English Disco Lovers were also at the head of our march. Given this broad support that our campaign has (with the vast majority of the population being anti Fascist), and the experience of other anti racist, peace, environmental and education activists, we wonder whether the decision to monitor our activities is in fact police or establishment policy, or was the action of a rogue officer?

Unfortunately the decision of the police to put resources into monitoring local people who are opposed to Fascism, fits with historical priorities. Millions has been spent ensuring that EDL thugs have been allowed to march through City Centres, marches that have often upset, intimidated and even assaulted local communities. Fascist organisations operate in secret; the EDL's leadership has been repeatedly arrested and were quoted admiringly in his manifesto by Norwegian Nazi mass murderer Anders Breivik. If more money could have been spent investigating the activities of far right and Nazi groups rather than people like us, perhaps some of the recent attacks on mosques (including the graffiti attack here in Cambridge and the dangerous arson attack in Harlow) could have been prevented.

As anti Fascists and anti racists, we operate in public, we have no secrets and have no weapons but the force of our numbers and of our argument. Our grandparents fought to ensure a Nazi free future for us - we won't betray their legacy. Anti racism is not a crime and we will not be intimidated by these revelations. On the contrary, we will redouble our efforts to campaign for a fairer, multi racial, Fascist free world.