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Cambs Against the Nazis

"Only one thing could have broken our movement – if our adversaries had understood its principle, and from the first day had smashed, with the most extreme brutality, the nucleus of our new movement" Adolf Hitler


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New badges!

We have printed a new supply of our ever popular anti racist badges, and we have a few of the old designs left as well (see below).
These are available cheap from our stalls (check here to see when our next one is) or 5 for £3.50 inc UK postage by paypal here. All proceeds to anti racist campaigns in Cambridge.

5 badges




Mugs, magnets and bags

A seasonal gift for the person with everything!
Cambridge Love Music Hate Racism bags, mugs and fridge magnets.
Mugs feature either LMHR logo on both sides or R*E*P*E*A*T star in red or black on the reverse, and cost £5.
Bags (£5) have LMHR logo printed one side on canvas while the fridge magnets (£1.50) have a metallic look and LMHR logo.

All profits go back into our campaigns
Order here or mail us for more info

(Fridge not included)













T shirts
Limited stock left!
Based on our ever popular Swastika in the bin design, these Gildan T shirts are available now for a very reasonable £10 (cheaper for the unwaged from a stall or at a gig) and are this summer's must wear item for fashion conscious anti Fascists everywhere. They are available in 4 colours and in a variety of sizes - stock is low so we may ask you to state an alternative.
'Female' sizes are slightly smaller especially in the sleeve than their unisex equivalent.

You can order below by Paypal (you don't need a paypal account) for £10 including postage and paypal charges, or you can send a £10 cheque to 'Cambridge Unite Against Fascism' to PO Box 438, Cambridge CB4 2HH. On stalls they are cheaper for the unwaged.



Stand Up To UKIP merch - all half price if you mail here!

[While clearly not Fascists, the influence of UKIP works to push British politics to the right and normalise racism, especially Islamophobia. In turn, this can create a space for the Nazi right to regroup. That's why many members of UAF and LMHR also support Stand Up to UKIP. Visit Cambridge Stand Up to UKIP's website here http://cambridgesutu.tumblr.com/]


A Pound Shop Enoch Powell...
We have badges and T shirts inspired by Russell Brand's recent Question Time comment

T shirts - £10 including P and P
("Women's" sizes are smaller and skinnier; women's small and medium sizes would suit children)


£1 for the pair; £2 for 5 badges


(High cost due to postage and Paypal costs - sorry. Feel free to mix and match badges)

A Brimful of Badges...

Cambridge Love Music Hate Racism is in the forefront of international anti Nazi badge production, and as you'll see we have some great local designs including 2 local LMHR logos, an updated Rock Against Racism badge, 'This Machine Kills Fascists' and the ever popular (if contentious!) 'Keep Britain Tidy'.

These badges are available cheap from our stalls (check here to see when our next one is) or for 70p each, or all 5 for £2, or by paypal - please state preferred designs.

Buy a single badge for 70p here
(High cost due to postage and Paypal costs - sorry)


Buy 5 badges for £2 here
(we will try to send 5 different designs but stocks are limited)



No to Fascism and Racism
Cambridge United against the EDL
Say 'Non!' to Le Pen

Say 'No!' to the EDL
Poster advertising anti EDL demo here
download posters as below here, here and here
French posters here and here
Posters not to be flyposted please