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Cambs Against the Nazis

"Only one thing could have broken our movement – if our adversaries had understood its principle, and from the first day had smashed, with the most extreme brutality, the nucleus of our new movement" Adolf Hitler


Don't let the racists divide us:
New Mosque Welcome Here!

Cambridge Unite Against Fascism

* We welcome the building of the beautifully designed new mosque in Cambridge which will provide much needed space for worshippers, and is well planned to deal with traffic and parking issues.
* We value the diversity of our City.
* The skyline in Cambridge has always benefited from its amazing range of styles, influences and histories.
* We want to maintain Cambridge as a City which welcomes peoples, regardless of their religion.

You can add your name by e-mail here cambridge.uaf@gmail.com



Though originally inspired by the disgust we felt at recent Islamophobic statements, leaflets and graffiti, the statement above seeks to celebrate our diversity and unity, rather than drawing attention to the racists. We mean to show that the majority of citizens in Cambridge welcome peoples of all cultures, and won't let racism divide and weaken us. As well as a street petition, we also mean to submit the statement signed by representatives of the community to the local media, to show the support for multiculturalism that exists in our City.

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Julian Huppert MP, Richard Howitt MEP, Cllr. Carina O'Reilly - Labour Cllr. Arbury Ward, Cllr Lewis Herbert - leader Labour group Cambridge City Council, Adam Pogonowski - Cambridge Labour Party, Weyman Bennett - Unite Against Fascism national cordinator, Kevin Price - Labour City Councillor for King's Hedges and Chair King's Hedges Labour Party, Mike Todd-Jones - Labour Cllr. Arbury Ward Cambridge City Council, Tom Woodcock - Secretary Cambridge Trades Council, Mohammed Tahir, Mark Woods - Cambridge Mosque, County Councillor Robert Dryden - Unite, Canon Stephen Leeke - Vicar St Martin's Church, George Galloway, Gary Stroud - Haverhill Town Councillor, Jude Cook - author, Kate Hudson - General Secretary of CND, Sara Bennett - Unite National Executive Council, Jackie Francis - President Cambridgeshire NUT, Jamie Andrews - Cambridge CWU, Cllr Richard Johnson - Labour councillor for Abbey & UNISON rep Cambridge University, Richard Rose - Cambridge Love Music Hate Racism, Seymour Quigley - B Side Magazine and Horse Party (band), Gianna Bouchard - UCU Branch Secretary Anglia Ruskin University, Nick Parker - Cambridge Fans United Trustboard Member (pc) , Reza Assadi, Nuradin Abdullah - BMS, N Papankolaon - Cambridgeshire NUT, Paul Turnbull - CWU Area Processing Rep, D Babouris - Cambridgeshire NUT, Carole Gerrard - PCS, Mark Evans - Unite Cambridge Central, Martin Field -Cambridgeshire NUT, Rishi Nag - Karmadillo (band), Simon Baker - Green MInd Promotions, Andrew Osborne - Unite Cambridge and Distict LE/0009m, Matt Kelly - Cambridgeshire NUT, Martin Booth - Cambridge Health Unison, Miles Curtis - Cambridge Defend Education (PC), Rishi Sharma, Fred's House (Band), Andy Briston - Spaghetti Faction (band), J McGonigle - Sound City Riot Act (band), Matthew Phillips, Clive Peace, Jessica Hayes, Ian R Beeby - Unite the Union Sec Barton Branch, Les Ray - Histon Unplugged, Laura Pugh, Lorna Finlayson, Professor Tony Booth, Alice Bridgwood, Julia Drummond - Cambridge Unison County Branch, Kathy and Ken Hamilton - Cambridgeshire NUT, Georgie Morrill - Beverley Kills (band), Philippe Harari - Cambriidgeshire NUT, Asa Benstead - Unison Cambs County Branch, Ben Hanneford-Smith - Cambridge University Press, Mike Pratt - Cambridgeshire NUT, Holly Davies - Narcissists (band), Owen Holland - Cambridge University NUS, Gary Philip Marriner - Dept of Archaeology, Justin Constantinou, Dr. Alison Hirst, Leon Bond - Cambridge PCS, Jeannie Booth, Jenny Hardacre, John McClean - National GMB Health and Safety Officer, Rebel Icons - band, Ian Ralls - Strawberry Faor Comt, Charlotte Synge - Cambridge CND, Amy Gilligan - UCU / NUS, James Youd - Coalition of Resistance, Anna Snowdon - CAMPEACE, Anne Swinney, Rachel Edwards - Cambridge PCS, Dave Korn, Richard Morgan, Ben Carr, Jerome Charmet, Ayleen Ross, Ben White, Liam Guyton, Margaret Partridge - St Andrew's Church Chesterton, Henry Shepherd - Cambridge Arts Saloon, Tuscany Bell, M Conway, A Clarke, B Sinclair, Philip Olive, Jo Wilkes, Sue Conway - GMB, E Machiccido - NUS, Simon Hobbs, Jo Robbins - Unison, Lucy Skerrat - NUS, William Moen - NUS, Mohamed Abdull - NUS, Abdullah Abdull - NUS, Jennifer Rolls, Christine Pettengell - Cambridge Defend Our Schools, Matt Wells - PCS Rep, Frank Brogan - Palestinian Solidarity Campaign, CJ Pigott, P Alexander, Nik Moore, Jill Eastland - Rebel Arts, P Bellamy, Teresa MacKay, Jennifer Gosling, Mitch Mitchell - Musician's Union, J Davis, Lynn Dekker, Horatio Druma - Conservative students, Martin Bainger - Unison, Simon Hobbs, Damilola Baligio, Kim Gainsborough, Samantha Beatty, V Hardy, J Sargent, A Kamtu, R Snow, Oscar Gerrard, M Topley, T Topley, Izzy R, Sally H, S Beatty, A Beatty, Elanor Davidson, Brett Guy, Elizabeth Nung, Rachel Browne, Rachel Mitton, James French, Kenny Fryde, Nick Levine, Angela Macquiban, Ruth Andrews, Sue Wells, Pam Stacey, Martin Field - NUT, Clive Peace, Christine Ulyyan, Sam Kane - student, Les Bradley, Ali Fawkes, Sofia Ashraf, Joanne McAuchrey, David Reid, James Hutchinson, Frank Smith, Abdul Begum, Amber Cronin, Shaheed Bmgicl, J Marcella-Hunt, Mara Trotta, Sue Anderson, Salim Cochrane, Esme Page, Michael Langran, Chrissie Fryde, Henry Shepherd, Paul Waldmann, David Merrick, Lisa Beaumont, Deb Wisker, Rich Rippin - Cambridge school governor, Lulu Agate, Mike Tabrett, Molly Goyer Gorman - ex Cambridge student now Unite the Union, Laura Pugh, Katie Matthews, Jo Duvet - Musician, Aidy James Stevens - Chasing Melfina (band), M.E. 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